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Q: What changes in the french government did the third estate demand?
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Who brought changes in the French government in the 1780?

the french revolution.

What estate was exempt from paying taxes during the French revolution?

The Third Estate (peasants and middle class professionals) paid the most taxes, yet they were the poorest

Who are the French legislators who sat on the right side of the meeting hall those who opposed changes in government?

French legislators who sat on the right side of the meeting hall who opposed changes in government are called conservatives

How did the bourgeoisie and the Third Estate change French society?

They defied the Monarchy and the Clergy and demanded a constitutional government.

What was the French Revoltuion?

It was a grass roots demand for change to a responsive form of government capable of providing bread and hope.

How far was the french society responsible for the drastic changes brought about by the revolution?

1st estate imposed tax to the common people which actually indicated the beginning of the drastic changes.2nd estate enjoyed feudal rights and previleges which was the anger of the 3rd estateAnd the 3rd estate agressively protested the nation.So all of the 3 estates were responsible for those drastic changes caused by the revolution..............

Why were the members of the third estate dissatisfied with life under old regime?

because the french government had shown that it could not be trusted.

What is a estate general?

it was the first meeting since 1614 of the french Estate General, a general assembly representing the french estate of realm.

Which estate started the French Revolution?

The Third Estate.

Who comprised the French Second Estate?

french second estate was comprised of nobles king and queen

What changes did the national assembly make in the french government during napoleon times?

It attack the Bastille Prison

What did french demand for brides lead to between France and the US?

The French government and the French people have never demanded "brides" from the US. France has more than enough women to provide spouses for its men.If perhaps, you meant to ask about "bribes", please see this Related Question: What did the french demand for bribes lead to between France and the US?