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What channel does the tv need to be on so the dish satellite will work with no receiver box?


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You can't get a signal to your TV without a receiver box. The receiver decodes the signal for the channel from the satellite to your TV.

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You may not have your Dish satellite receiver on the correct channel if it is a duo (dual receiver). You will need to tune it to either 60 or channel 73. Also, make sure your power to your Dish Network receiver is on -- for the Dish TV duo receiver, you should see a light for TV2 and TV1.

to be able for the satellite tv to work you need the following equipments:satellite dishreceivertvsatellite dish gets the satellite analog signals from the satellites outside the world and is transmitted to the receiver. the receiver then converts this analog signals to digital signals then it is displayed to your tv.

The kind of equipment that you need in order to receive HD channels on your television set, is cable box receiver, or a satellite receiver and a satellite dish for one single television set.

To receive a Satellite signal, you need a LNB which is attached to your satellite dish--The LNB and dish is determined by which satellite TV service you have--either Dish Network or DirecTV. The satellite dish is pointed in a particular direction to pick up the correct satellite orbiting the sky. You will also need a satellite receiver, which is "wired" to the LNB and also is attached to your television.

Certain dishes are used with certain receivers. The dish has LNBs that pickup the signal from the satellite and transmits that signal to the receiver using a coax cable. The receiver decodes that signal to give you the picture. When installing the dish, you need to align the dish to receive the signal from the satellites. Your location or zip code dictates the elevation, azimuth, and skew to set the dish. From the LNB, a coax cable is run to the receiver. If more than 1 satellite is used, either 2 coax cables are run or a separator, using 1 coax cable from the dish,is used to split the satellite signal at the receiver.

For Dish satellite TV, you need a receiver and an active account, with the dish installed on the outside of your abode. The reciever has a smart card, which tells the receiver what programming you subscribe to. Without these components and an active account, you would not receive programming. Thanks.

You need a satellite tv kit. This consists of the satellite dish, RF coaxial cable, a satellite tv receiver, and a decoder. However, I suggest to contact a professional satellite tv installer.

The LNB does need to be from the company providing the service. The dish is only a reflector picking up the signal from the satellite to the LNB and then to the receiver. Ray Calo DISH Network the dish can but you need to change the LNB

No. You need a proper receiver (among other things) to be able to plug the cable from the dish into and you need service.

Yes. You need either a HD antenna or another HD source such as a Dish satellite HD receiver or a Cable TV HD receiver.

You need a pay television service (Cable TV, Dish Satellite TV) to receive the FX channel.

Disney Channel is already in Norway, but you need to have either a satellite dish or cable TV to be able to see it.

It depends on what kind of motorhome and when you want to watch Dish TV. If you will be mobile and wanting television, you will need a self adjusting satellite dish; there are also stationary satellite dishes available. As far as a satellite system, I prefer Dish TV because of the price, channel selection and technology. Dish Network also has a affordable portable satellite dish that does not attach to your motor-home called the Dish Tailgater.

You either need two satellite receivers or you can get a Dish duo receiver. The Dish Network duo receivers service two televisions. Even better is the Dish Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR System. This services all your televisions and also allows you to record programming to a master DVR (Dish Hopper main receiver) which you can watch in any room. You can also pause your dish satellite programming in one room, and resume in another.

To get HD programming, you need a Dish HD receiver and a HDMI cord which connects from your Dish TV receiver to your HDTV.

Call Dish you may need to have your receiver sent a 'hit' to reprogram your dish receiver.

Call Dish Network and see if you own them or leased them. They will probably ask for a "R00" number that is on the back of the Dish Satellite receiver. In most cases they are leased, so you will need to return them to Dish or they may charge you for the receivers.

In order to have satellite internet you do need to have a satellite installed.

HDTV is not a channel it is the type of TV needed to bring in HD channels for viewing. Dish TV has a wide variety of HD channels available located on different tiers and channels, but you need a Dish HD receiver, a HDTV (HD Television) and subscription to Dish HD programming.

For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with amplifier converter, known as an LNB. You do not say what signal you want from the satellite. You can watch TV or download data using a satellite receiver card, for this you will need a subscription with a satellite ADSL provider, who will also offer you the card and the software.

The Yamaha R-S700 is their best stereo receiver with Sirius satellite capability. It is not a surround receiver.

The Dish Network programming you receive will determine what Dish you need.

Yes, each companies dish is made to work only with their electronics (box).

No you do not need a landline phone service to have a satellite dish installed in your home. Satellite has nothing to do with phone service.

1 - Connect the coaxial cable running from the satellite dish into the "In" port on your receiver. 2 - Attach a separate coaxial cable into the "Out" port on the back of the satellite receiver. 3 - Connect the other end of the coaxial cable to the single "In" port on a signal splitter. The signal splitter is used to send the same signal to multiple televisions. 4 - Attach a coaxial cable onto one of the "Out" ports of the signal splitter. Connect the other end of the cable onto the "In" port on any one of the television sets. Repeat this process for the remaining sets. 5 - Power on the satellite receiver and televisions. Select the station you want to watch and it is displayed on all of the TVs. NOTE: You need to have a satellite dish with multiple tuners. If you don't have a multiple tuner satellite dish then you will see the same channels on all of your television sets.

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