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Q: What channel is TNA since bravo went off the air?
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What channel is tna on in England?


Do you have to pay for tna?

TNA is aired on thursdays but you can watch it for free on Saturdays on Sky Channel Bravo 123.

What channel is tna wrestleing?

Spike TV (USA) or Bravo (UK)

How do you watch a tna pay per view live free?

You watch the TNA daily show on Bravo 2 at 10 am and 4 am channel 153 on sky. This is a delayed broadcast as the up to date broadcast goes on satarday and Sunday at 9 pm on bravo or bravo+1 on channel 123 and 124 on sky. The pay-per-views, however, are not shown on Bravo but on Extreme sports channel 419 on sky. Extreme sports also shows a broadcast for TNA known as TNA Epics, a show which is hosted by Mick Foley and shows the greatest matches in TNA history including historic pay-per-veiw matches.

When Is TNA on in the UK?

Tna is on Saturday night on bravo at 9pm and repeated on Sunday on bravo 2 at 9pm

Is tna on bravo?

No its on spike

What channel is tna on tonight on sky?

TNA iMPACT! is on SPIKE TV on Thursday @ 9:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. except if you got satilite and its on earlier

What Chanel does TNA wrestling on?

Bravo (UK)

What other channels does tna impact come on except from bravo and spike tv?

TNA Impact only is shown on spike, Bravo and Bravo 2. the pay-per-veiws are shown on Extreme sports

What time is TNA on?

TNA Impact! is on at 9pm on SpikeTv Also on bravo Saturday nights at 9pm

What time does TNA impact come on on saturdays?

Bravo 9:00PM Bravo+1 10:00PM

Is TNA Impact on channel 241 for Direct TV?

Yes, TNA Impact is on channel 241 for DirecTV.