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Sadly, the WWE live event in Roanoke will not be shown on television. This event is simply a live show for the audience, and not a RAW or Smack Down taping. You can, however, purchase tickets for the event or check results for the show at a later date.

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Q: What channel will the Roanoke live event be on for WWE?
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Which channel is WWE main event on?

Mbc action

Which channel shows WWE raw live?

channel 48

Where can you see live WWE?

at sky sports channel

What channel does main event come on on direct tv?

Main Event is only on the wwe network for just $9.99.

What channel is fan appreciation day for WWE?

It is the event in WWE which is referred by the commentators, superstars and authorities as the day in which the fans are thanked for their support to them.

When is the next Wwe live event in Cleveland Ohio?


Where to watch WWE night of champion live at?

You can order the event at WWE's website or buy the CD from their website

What channel is WWE raw on in Canada?

It is on the score channel. If you have rogers I can even tell you what channel number its on. Channel 53.

How do you schedule a WWE live event?

Contact WWE headquarters to discuss your situation: WWE Corporate Headquarters Attention: Event Scheduling 1241 East Main Street Stamford, CT 06902

When is and what channel is WWE Supertars?

Actually WWE lost it's contract with WGN so its on and on Youtube live stream.

When is WWE coming to Roanoke?

MARCH 19th 2011

When rock come again in WWE?

This monday for a live 3 hour event