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Pip fights the pale young gentlemen in Chapter 8 of Charles Dickens's novel "Great Expectations." This fight takes place at Miss Havisham's house, where the pale young gentleman insults Pip and challenges him to a fight.

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Q: What chapter does Pip fight the pale young gentlemen?
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What does Pip get when he winds the fight?

When Pip wins the fight against the pale young gentleman in Charles Dickens' novel "Great Expectations," he receives a set of valuable razor blades.

Why doesn't pip enjoy the victory over the pale gentlemen?

Pip doesn't enjoy the victory over the pale gentlemen because he realizes that the wealth and success he gained came at the expense of maintaining loyalty to his benefactor, Joe. He recognizes the shallowness and moral cost of his actions, hence the lack of true satisfaction in his accomplishment.

What incident occurs between pip and the pale young gentlemen include its effect on Estella?

because pip and estella founhght, estella started to have a feeling to pip:immature-ness. After this incident, Estella started to dislike him forever and throughout the sdtory.

Who is the pale young gentleman?

A Band

What do we learn about dimmesdales health in chapter 9?

In chapter 9, we learn that Dimmesdale's health is beginning to fail. He looks pale and thin.

Where do you find the full bible quote from The Pale Rider?

The Book of Revelation Chapter 6 Verse 8..

Who was the young girl in pale rider?

The young girl in "Pale Rider" is played by actress Sydney Penny, who portrays Megan Wheeler, a girl in a small mining community who forms a bond with the mysterious preacher played by Clint Eastwood.

Why do you look pale when you are sick?

I believe the reason you become pale when you are sick is because your red corpuscles are "busy" fighting the bacteria elsewhere in your body. the white blood cells fight bacteria not red !!!!

Who was pips room mate London?

Pip's roommate in London was Herbert Pocket, a young gentleman who becomes a close friend and confidant to Pip throughout the novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. Herbert helps Pip adjust to life in London and supports him in his endeavors.

Who does Pip trust enough to tell everything even the story of the fight with the pale gentleman?

Pip trusts Joe Gargery enough to tell him everything, including the story of the fight with the pale gentleman. Joe has been a father figure to Pip and someone he can confide in without fear of judgment.

According to the story, which of these statements is a factPip lived with Miss Havisham.Pip had complete confidence in Estella.Miss Havisham did not pay Pip for his services to her each time he came.Pip lost the fight with the pale young gentleman?

Miss Havisham did not pay Pip for his services to her each time he came.

Who is the pale young gentleman in Great Expectations?

The pale young gentleman in "Great Expectations" is Herbert Pocket, who becomes a close friend and confidant of Pip throughout the novel. He is described as having light hair and a gentle demeanor. Herbert comes from a wealthy family but chooses to make his own way in the world through hard work.