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Salt is dissolved and dissociated in water.

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The simplest chemical reaction is the mixing of salt and sand or salt in water or sand in water.

They do not produce a chemical reaction. Salt and water make a solution, which is a homogeneous mixture.

Adding salt to water is not a chemical reaction, nor is it a chemical change. When salt dissolves in water, this is an example of a physical change. Although the sodium and chlorine ions separate in the water, no chemical reaction takes place.

The reaction of an acid plus a base yields SALT ( and water too)

Dissolving salt in water is a physical change- no chemical reaction took place. If the water evaporates, the salt is still there.

A salt is a type of chemical compound, not a reaction.

No. Salt and water becomes a solution, not a new compound.

The chemical reaction is:HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2OThe products are table salt and water.

Mixing vinegar with salt is not a chemical reaction.

None. Salt dissolves in water, but that is not a chemical reaction, and no new compounds are formed. Dissolving is a physical change, not a chemical change.

steel will rust from a chemical reaction

When an acid and base combine, they participate in a neutralization reaction forming water and a salt.

This is a neutralization reaction; the products are a salt and water.

acid+alkali=salt+wateracid+base=precipitate+waterPrecipitate is an insoluble salt

when we heat the salt there chemical reaction is takes place

A neutralization reaction will always produce a salt. Acid + base = salt + water

Because salt lowers the temperature of the water. It's a chemical reaction.

Neutralization is a chemical reaction between an acid and a base; the products are a salt and water.

Chemical formula of:tin is Snsalt is Na+aq and Cl-aqwater is H2OThere is no equation because there is no reaction!

There is not a reaction as such - the hydrated salt is fomed. Calcium Sulfate is not very soluble in water.

acid-base reaction which will always create salt and water as a product

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