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A neutralization reaction will always produce a salt.

Acid + base = salt + water

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Q: What type of chemical reaction is an ionic compound called salt always produced?
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What does the word product mean in a chemical reation?

It means "make." For instance, if hydrogen and oxygen react together, they produce, or make, water.When talking about a chemical reaction, there are reactants, which are the things that go INTO the reaction, and there are products, which are the things that COME OUT. The products are produced in the reaction from the reactant.See the Related Questions links to the left of this answer for more about chemical reactions.

There are several types of evidence that suggests a chemical reaction has occurred What always happens?

A new compound is formed

What is always formed during a chemical reaction?

a chemical reaction always converts reactants to products. Products are always formed otherwise it's not considered a chemical reaction.

When a compound is formed is light and heat always produced?

No: Sometimes heat is consumed, if entropy is greatly increased by the compound formation, and light is produced only by the most vigorous chemical reactions.

What is neutalism?

The correct spelling is neutralization. It is a chemical reaction where an acid and base react to form a salt. Water is often produced in the reaction, but not always.

Is boiling always a sign of a chemical reaction?

No, boiling is not always a sign of a chemical reaction.

Name and formula for the chemical substance which is always produced in a neutralization reaction?

Neutralization always produces water, H2O (the 2 is actually a sub-script).

What always stays the same in a compound?

a compound always has the same chemical formula

Is burning of fuel in a cutting torch a chemical reaction?

Yes, burning of fuel is always a chemical reaction.

What is always conserved in a chemical reaction?


What are the products in a chemical reaction-?

Answer this question… The starting substances

What always has the same chemical formula?

i think its compound