What cigarettes did lady Penelope smoke?

This remains a mystery, I don"t think she smoked in the TV version of Thunderbirds, but she did light up in the comic strip. It would violate present-day laws to have a good-girl here character smoking on a juvenile program. some Rescue Squad! Also there is a BBC ordinance that it is not permissible to indirectly advertise products in broadcast matter- this does, not, of course extend to programs like Robert Cromie"s ( a proficient golfer by the way) Book Beat, which reviewed books- One can have a character smoking, but not show any packs or advertising graphics. Under this law or combination of laws, the song ( does your Spearmint lose it"s flavor ) was barred fromt he radio as Spearmint is a registered trademark of Wrigley"s Gums- one of their three major lines: Spearmint, Doublemint, and Juicey Fruit all of which are (legally) advertised on TV and radio.