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There is NO volcano badge there's

Strition city-trio badge

Nacerna city-basic badge

Castelia city-insect badge

Nimbas city-bolt badge

Driftviel city-quake badge

Mistralion city-jet badge

Icirrus city-freeze badge

Opelucid city-legend badge

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Coal Badge (Oreburgh City)Forest Badge (Eterna City)Cobal Badge (Veilstone City)Fen Badge (Pastoria City)Relic Badge (Hearthome City)Mine Badge (Canalave City)Glaceon Badge (Snowpoint City)Beacon Badge (Sunyshore City)

You don't. The city will return back to normal once you obtain the badge at Snowpoint city.

Yes there are.Falkner, Violet City: Zephyr BadgeBugsy, Azalea Town: Hive BadgeWhitney, Goldenrod City: Plain BadgeMorty, Ecruteak City: Fog BadgeChuck, Cianwood City: Storm BadgeJasmine, Olivine City: Mineral BadgePryce, Mahogany Town: Glacier BadgeClair, Blackthorn City: Rising BadgeBrock, Pewter City: Boulder BadgeMisty, Cerulean City: Cascade BadgeLt Surge, Vermillion City: Thunder BadgeErika, Celadon City: Rainbow BadgeJanine, Fuchsia City: Soul BadgeSabrina, Saffron City: Marsh BadgeBlaine, Seafoam Island: Volcano BadgeBlue, Viridian City: Earth BadgeWill, Koga, Bruno, Karen, Lance, Johto League: Johto League BadgeKanto leaders, Kanto League: Kanto League Badge.

Fortree City ( Feather Badge ) Leader's pokemon: Altaria, Swellow, Skarmory, Pelipper

In Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen, the Celadon City Gym Badge is required to use Strength. Gym Leader Erika holds this badge.In Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, the Goldenrod City Gym Badge is required to use Strength. Gym Leader Whitney holds this badge.In Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, the Lavaridge Town Gym Badge is required to use Strength. Gym Leader Flannery holds this badge.In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, the Canalave City Gym Badge is required to use Strength. Gym Leader Byron holds this badge.In Pokemon Black/White and Pokemon Black 2/White 2, Gym Badges are not required to use HMs.

The third badge is in Goldenrod City.

It is the balance badge where you fight Norman(your father) in Petalburg City .

You get your 3rd badge in Veilstone city against Maylene.

the third badge in sapphire is at mauville city(north of slateport city)

The fifth badge in Pokemon FireRed is the Soul Badge. You can earn the Soul Badge by defeating the Gym Leader Koga in Fuchsia City.

You can get the 5th badge from your dad in Petalburg City.

You can earn the fourth badge in Pastoria City.

Before the Earthbadge, you have to win the first seven badges from their respective gym leaders. (Boulder Badge-Brock-Pewter City; Cascade Badge-Misty-Cerulean City; Thunder Badge-Lt. Surge-Vermilion City; Rainbow Badge-Erika-Celadon City; Soul Badge-Koga-Fuchsia City; Marsh Badge-Sabrina-Saffron City; Volcano Badge-Blaine-Cinnabar Island.) Once you have received the first seven badges, you return to Viridian City and go to the gym to challenge Giovanni. Once you defeat him, he will reward you with the Earthbadge.

The 4th pokemon badge is given by Erika the Celadon City Gym Leader.

1. Location: Orebourgh City, Badge: Coal Badge 2. Location: Eterna City Badge: Forest Badge 3. Location: Veilstone City, Badge: Cobble Badge 4. Location: Pastoria City, Badge: Fen Badge 5. Location: Hearthome City, Badge: Relic Badge6. Location: Canalave City, Badge: Mine Badge 7. Location: Snowpoint City, Badge: Icicle Badge 8. Location: Sunyshore City, Badge: Beacon Badge

The order is pewter city with brock and the boulder badge, then cerulean city with misty and the cascade badge, then vermillion city with Lt. surge and the thunder badge, then celadon city with Erika and the rainbow badge, then fuchsia city with koga and the soul badge, then saffron city with sabrina and the marsh badge, then cinnabar island with blaine and the volcano badge, and finally viridian city with giovanni and the earth badge.

There is a haunted house in a city in which you will fly with an airplaine after you get the 6th badge

If i remember correctly, the 4th badge is in Pastoria city.

In the saffron city gym beat Sabrina to get the badge.

you get the coal badge after defeating Roark in eterna city

You go to get your 7th Badge in Mossdeep City.

1. Coal Badge-Roark, Orenburgh City 2. Forest Badge-Gardenia, Eterna City 3. Cobble Badge-Maylene, Veilstone City 4. Fen Badge- Crasher Wake, Pastoria City 5. Relic Badge- Fantina, Hearthome City 6. Mine Badge- Byron, Canalave City 7. Icicle Badge- Candice, Snowpoint City 8. Beacon Badge- Volkner, Sunyshore City If you need to know what levels his Pokemon are just ask me :)

To get the second badge you must get the 1st badge in Violet city and then head to Azalea town to get the 2nd badge.

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