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Q: What city has more rainfall Shanghai or Beijing?
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What is better shanghai or Beijing?

Beijing and Shanghai have their respective charms. Beijing is a bustling metropolis. And so is Shanghai. Only, Shanghai has more cultural heritage sites than Beijing. The port city of Shanghai has a quaint mix of the old and the new. Also, Shanghai is the economy center of China while Beijing is the capital of China. Served as capital city with a history over 800 years, Beijing is the best place to view some imperial spots and the famous great wall. The Olympic in 2008 make it well-known to the world. while Shanghai is a city which the east meets the west, it is a moderized city in China, with some historical sites. I think Beijing is better

What are some cities in China?

Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc.China is huge so it has many cities. The capital city is Beijing. Other more popular cities are Shanghai , Suzhou, and Hangzhou.

What is China's most populated place?

Shanghai is more populous than Beijing. However if the municipality rather than just the city boundaries are considered then Chongqing is almost twice the size of Shanghai.

What is the largest city in China?

Beijing is enormous fundamentally on the grounds that it is China's capital. It is really China's biggest city by region, as Shanghai's metropolitan populace is more thought. It is a political, instructive, and social focus, with light ventures (science, innovation and examination) ruling over mass assembling.

What major cities are china in?

1)Beijing 2)Shanghai 3)Chongqing City 4)Changsha 5)Tianjin 6)Hong Kong There is more but this is all i can find.

What are some major cities in China?

1)Beijing 2)Shanghai 3)Chongqing City 4)Changsha 5)Tianjin 6)Hong Kong There is more but this is all i can find.

Does the Great wall of China pass through Shanghai?

The Great Wall of China does not pass through Shanghai. Shanghai is more than 900-miles away. Beijing is the most popular tourist destination for visitors to the Great Wall.

What city has more people?

The first is Shanghai, China, with an estimate of 17,836,166

Where should you start if you want to travel China?

Beijing or Shenzhen will be a good place to start. Follow Beijing to Tianjin Sichuan Hubei HUnan Guangxi Guangdong HOngkong down, or from Shenzhen Fujian Jiangsu shanghai HUbei Henan sichuan Beijing up. Both are not bad option and which provinces you want to see depending on what type of China are you most interested. Guangdong shanghai Beijing is more modern life of China and Guangxi sichuan Yunan is more of natural.

Most populated cities in China?

Shanghai has a population of over 20 million. Approximately 17 million permanent residents and more than 3 million temporary residents. Beijing is the second most populous city in China.

In what part of Asia has the most people?

Tokyo, Japan, is the most populated city in the world, with a population of approximately 35 million people - even more than the whole of Australia! But, if you are asking for the country, it's China. Shanghai is the most populated city in China, even though Beijing is the capital city.

What city has most rainfall last year?

Mobile, Alabama has more than 5 feet of rainfall annually

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