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A communist system that allows limited free trade. More closely compares to a Dictatorship.

in China,some places like shanghai ,beijing,shenzhen,and other big city, the population are too huge that you can never imagine.

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Q: What is the system of Government in China?
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What is the type of Government used in China?

China is a dictatorship with a system that is a mixture of private and state capitalism.

What form of government does china country have?

China has a dictatorial government. Its economic system is a mix of state and private capitalism.

Who is the current oligarchy in china?

The system of government in China is not an oligarchy, it is ostensibly communist at the moment.

What is the current government system for China?

A single-party led republic.

Which type of governance system ruled China in 1787?

monarchial government

What government system was used in china after 1949?

china did not have any real form of government before 1949. It was mainly run by warlords which varied from region to region.

How does the Australian system of government differ from the People's Republic of China?

from ur face

What were the advantages and disadvantages of China's system of government?

Advantages are unknown as well as disadvantages.