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What group of Indians lived in the present day state of Maine

What ocean did the Narragansett Indians fish in

The Indian group which lived in the far north

This religion of Indian cultures means below arctic

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Q: What city in California hosts the Tournament of Roses parade?
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What city hosts an annual Christmas boat parade?

The city of Newport Beach in California has hosted an annual Christmas boat parade for just over 100 years. For more information you can visit the Christmas Boat Parade website.

Who hosts the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York?

Macy's, hence the name Macy's Thanksgiving day parade

What city in Texas hosts the biggest Saint Patrick's Day parade?


What city hosts the annual Beanpot Tournament for its collegiate hockey powerhouses?


What golf tournament is played at St Andrews?

St. Andrew's is one of the regular hosts of the Open Championship, the most famous tournament that is played there.

Who hosted the World Cup in 1954?

Switzerland were the hosts in 1954, a tournament which was won by West Germany.

Where did golf's The Masters get its name?

The Masters Tournament is an invitation-only event that hosts the best players in the sport.

When will Mexico be host of the next World Cup?

Mexico are not confirmed hosts of any World Cup tournament in the future.

Which California beach town hosts the Pageant of the Masters?

Laguna Beach

Has world cup soccer ever been played in Argentina?

Argentina were the hosts of the World Cup Finals Tournament in 1978, which they won.

Is there a dance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

Yes there is. As part of the Triwizard Tournament, Hogwarts hosts the Yule Ball on Christmas day.

What restrictions does the University of California Santa Cruz put on the use of any personal webpages that it hosts?

The University of California Santa Cruz is located in Santa Cruz, California. Restrictions that the University of California Santa Cruz puts on the use of any personal web pages that it hosts include confidentiality of personal data or information.

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