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Port Louis, Mauritius

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Q: What city is 6000 miles from London?
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Which capital city in the far east is approximately 6000 miles from London?

New Delhi

What is the distance in miles from Cape Town and London?

It is approximately 6000 miles.

What is the mileage between London England and Sri Lanka?

The distance is approx 6000 miles.

What city is 10000 miles from London?

Adelaide, Australia is 10,103 miles / 16,259 km from London.

What is the distance between London city airport and heathrow?

The driving distance from London Heathrow Airport to London City Airport is 37 miles.

Where can I find facts and pictures of Gloucester city in London?

There is no Gloucester city in London. Gloucester is about 100 miles west of London.

Which city is 85 miles from London?

Southampton and Peterborough are both approximately 85 miles from London.

what city is 266 miles from London?


What is the zip code of Cebu City?

6000 for Cebu City

How far is it from Portland Oregon to Bulgaria?

Portland, Oregon to Bulgaria : to Sofia (capital city)-6000 miles; to Varna(main port city) 6053 miles

How big coventry city of London?

Coventry is in Warwickshire, about 120 miles from London.

What city is nearest Brisbane Glasgow or London?

London, but only by 400 miles.