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San Angelo, Texas

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Q: What city was once the wool and mohair capital of the world?
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What city was once known as the spy capital of the world?


What city in Oklahoma was once nicknamed the Oil Capital of the World?


What modern city is located where Technochitlan once stood?

Mexico City is located where Tenochtitlan once stood. It was the capital of the Aztec Empire and is now the capital of Mexico. Mexico City is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world.

As home to BF Goodrich and Firestone what Ohio city once claimed to be the rubber capital of the world?


What was once the capital of Yukon?

Dawson City was the Yukon capital city until 1953 when Whitehorse was designated as the new capital.

What is the capital of kaliningrad?

Kaliningrad is a city. Cities do not have capitals. It was, however, once the capital city of East Prussia.

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What current city was once known as constantiople?

Istambul, the capital city of Turkey

What city was the capital of Australia in 1945?

Australia has only ever had one capital city, and that is Canberra. The capital city in 1945 was Canberra, just as it is today. There is a common misconception that Melbourne was once Australia's capital city, but this was never the case.

What is the capital of Philippine's?

The capital city of the Philippines is ManilaManila is the capital of the Philippines.

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The Mamphis in Egypt was once its capital.

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