What classes should you take if you want to pursue a graduate degree?

The important issue is to first complete your bachelors degree which will be the prerequisite for entrance to a graduate program. The masters degree does not necessarily have to be within the same field of study. In other words, my undergraduate work was in psychology, however my masters is Organizational Management.

Concentrate on your career goals and objectives first. Then you can start to develop a road-map that will lead you there. You can always enhance your education in the appropriate way. Do not pick a degree just to pick a degree. There has to be reason and strategy behind it. You should also have a real heart for want you want to do. In this way you will be better able to keep focus on the prize (the successful outcome).

If you need help, meet with a career counselor at the institution where you take your undergraduate work and let them help you to develop that road-map.