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What classes should you take if you want to pursue a graduate degree?


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The important issue is to first complete your bachelors degree which will be the prerequisite for entrance to a graduate program. The masters degree does not necessarily have to be within the same field of study. In other words, my undergraduate work was in Psychology, however my masters is Organizational Management.

Concentrate on your career goals and objectives first. Then you can start to develop a road-map that will lead you there. You can always enhance your education in the appropriate way. Do not pick a degree just to pick a degree. There has to be reason and strategy behind it. You should also have a real heart for want you want to do. In this way you will be better able to keep focus on the prize (the successful outcome).

If you need help, meet with a career counselor at the institution where you take your undergraduate work and let them help you to develop that road-map.



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You pursue a graduate degree because you have a passion for what you want to do, and that degree will lead you to that end.

You can as long as the degree you completed is equivalent to a bachelor's degree within the US.

First of all make sure you always do well with your math classes. Once at College, pursue you degree of bachelor's in accounting. Once you have your bachelor's degree you can strive for your CPA or a Master's degree in Accounting.

You need to inquire about the prerequisite coursework required by the graduate school and the specific program of study. Many students pursue a master's degree in a field not related to their bachelors' degree. My bachelor's degree is in psychology, but my master's is in organizational management. Still, you should meet with the career counselor at the school you attend for appropriate guidance.

You should be able to pursue any degree you wish.

A Master's degree is one example of a post graduate degree. To enroll in a post graduate degree (such as an Honours Degree) a student should already have completed a graduate degree. Degrees build on each other. A student needs a graduate degree to enroll in an Honours course, an Honours degree to enroll in a Masters Programme and a Master's degree to commence with a Doctorate.

The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.The minimum is a bachelor's degree in accounting. Some will pursue a CPA afterwards.

Should have graduate and post graduate degree in LL.B or in law courses,

Some people may want to pursue a journalism degree. You may also want an additional degree, but that depends on the type of career of journalism you want to pursue. For example, if you want to do science journalism, you might want to pursue a degree in science.

The ones required by the college that grants the degree. Your academic catalog and your adviser should be able to lay out exactly what classes are required and what option you have.

I would say Health care adminstration. It is a bachelors degree and then goes on to a masters degree.

It depends on the nurses overall career goals and objectives. If the nurse wishes to become a nurse practitioner, then advanced study would be required, which could be either the master's or doctorate degree.

What associate degree each has different requirements. In general to get an asso. degree you need two classes of each subject. Go to and you should find your answers.

3.1 is mediocre for a graduate degree. you should have no C's on your transcript and hopefully you will have a majority of A's.

The professors in an online school help their students using email or forums that are set up for their classes. If you are concerned about what online classes entail, you can find information about what you should look for in a graduate school at

If you want to be a CEO, you should take a lot of business classes. You may also want to get your master's degree.

To be an electrical engineer you have to take classes that are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. The classes usually include physics, chemistry and math.

Yes you should put it in your resume. Put down the college and the year you attended. This will show that you have some higher education and would be better suited that a high school graduate. You can also put in your major. Since you didn't get a degree don't put a degree in there.

Mechanical engineering, engineering and maths would all help

No, online graduate school is really not advised for a psychology degree. This is the type of practice which is more hands on, and learning in person is much more effective.

If this is for acceptance, then your objective should be to get your degree. Be honest about it. If this is AFTER acceptance, find your career, then GRADUATE. That should be your main objective.

It depends upon what kind of degree you are going to pursue. If seems that you are interested to pursue bachelor degree, but you haven't mentioned the field. So, you should lookout for good universities such as LPU, Thapar, Amity....etc for various courses offered by visiting their website.

Pass examinations. To do this you should study and revise from work and books used in classes.

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