What classes to take for pre-medicine in the fall?

Most individuals are under the impression that to gain entrance to medical school requires an undergraduate degree in the exact sciences. Many colleges have the option of Pre-Med listed under their biology curriculum. However, many individuals are accepted to medical school who come from a variety of program backgrounds. Medical schools love English majors because of their ability to use critical thinking skills, organize and assimilate information, and articulate it in written, oral, and practical form. Still, I have noticed some have entered medical school with undergraduate degrees in music, history, philosophy, etc. I am not indicating that you should consider these approaches, however what I am suggesting is that you meet with a career adviser at the institution you are attending so they can help you develop a road map that is particular to you and your overall goals and objectives. Needless to say, I believe their is room within most programs of study to include the appropriate science background you should have. Lastly, always have a contingency plan is case plan A does not work. You should prepare for plan B. In other words, if you were to obtain a bachelors degree in biology; what do you do with it if medical school becomes a non-issue?