What classical theories are still in use today?

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E=mc squared
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Do we still use pyramids today?

Yes, we still use Pyramids in many different things. Art, Hotels, even Houses. The pyramid at the Louvre is very famous and was made even more so by Dan Brown's book The Da Vinci Code.

Are catapults still used today?

Technically no, but some are still around and are not used,but then again some are used at festivals. This is true but people today make and use little catapults still, but for fun and in science fair projects like me.

Is classical and operant conditioning still practiced today?

Conditioning is still practiced today. For example, operant conditioning, which includes the use of reinforcement to increase the probability of apparition of behaviour, is commonly used in day to day life. A good example for this are fidelity cards or membership cards that give you points or some s ( Full Answer )

Are you-boats still used today?

I think you are referring to U-boats which is are submarines. U-boat means untersee boten (undersea boat). They were German vessels.

What are the top classic rock bands still touring today?

Ok, well, you gotta take into account that some rock bands will no longer be touring once you read this and that the Top Ten is impossible to be decided by us simply. We need a poll to vote on the bands, why not contact VH1Classic? Bon Jovi is touring with their 10th album, Lost Highway. The Eag ( Full Answer )

Are destroyers still used today?

Yes. Destroyers still have a use in the fleets of today. They serve a number of purposes, including the duty of protecting the air craft carriers against submarine attacks. They provide gunfire support for troops on the shore and have anti-aircraft and anti-ship abilities as well.

Is cloning still used today?

its used for dicks also known as penis, to put on a girl if they dont want they're vagina.

Is calligraphy still used today?

Yes. It is taught, studied, and practiced with varying degrees of formality. You can go into an art supplies store and buy calligraphy pens and instruction books. It is sometimes used to address formal invitations, and it is used for many commercial artistic purposes, including posters, slogans on m ( Full Answer )

Do you still use telegraph today?

no we do not. that is so wrong some people like the military use telegraphs and some ships do to (ugly)ha ha ha mwhaa he he he ho!

Is the abacus still in used today?

Yes abacus still in used today, specially for visual impaired students. Eventhough the talking calculator did help for visual impaired students at Braille schools across the nation, but talking calculator do not let students understand the important of number placement value. I enclosed some website ( Full Answer )

Are transistors still used today?

Of course. Transistors are the base of all computer processors. They are the successor to the vacuum tube. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transistor

Do you still use theory of relativity today?

Yes ,we do still use the theory of relativity as it deals with the relativity of motion and rest. And, it is of great importance for the micro-world like sub-atomic phenomena of nuclear interactions. So the theory of relativity will be always useful.

Dalton's atomic theory is it still believed today?

of course Dalton's atomic theory is still believed today. but it has some defects, like his first postulate states that an atom is indivisible. but as you know its not correct. but the 4th and 5th postulate of his were exactly correct and are still the basis today. for a better answer please check o ( Full Answer )

Is dynamite still used today?

Yes it it used today!!! For mining and demolishing old buildings making towns, paths, but mostly for MINING!!!!!

How are Charles Darwin's theories used today?

Every time the medical establishment tries to predict the types of seasonal flu they are using the theory of evolution by natural selection, which has come a bit of a way since Darwin.

Is the radio still used today?

the radio is still used today because heaps and heaps of peoplelisten to it a day . +++ And your portable, or cell, 'phone is a radio transmitter /receiver, too!

How is quantum theory used today?

It explaines the structure of atoms, atomic nuclei , and molecules; the behaviour of subatomic particles; the nature of chemical bonds ; the properties of crystalline solids ; nuclear energy; and the forces that stabilize collapsed stars. It also led directly to the development of the laser, the ele ( Full Answer )

Is torture still used today?

It is definitely used by terrorists as well as North Korea and Iran I'd imagine. However, if it exists in the U.S. is still unknown.

Are you still using glasses today?

We are still using glasses today but we as mankind have improved the structure of glasses ( e.g we added pads that sit on the bridge that connects one lends to the other, we use different material to construct the shape ).

Is limelight still used today?

Apparently it is still used as a demonstration tool in shop orscience classes. Since a practical, working limelight today would requirepressurized sources of oxygen and a suitable fuel (acetylene, MAPPgas, or even propane), and would generate disagreeable vapors, isis virtually certain none are in ( Full Answer )

Is the bike still used today?

Of course. It is used for sport such as racing and recreation and general transport. Have a look at some pictures of Chinese cities, you will see many bikes in use.

Is the pendulum still used today?

yes the pendulum is still used today as long as your talkingabout those that talk to angels yes because i use one and theypretty much work and its real sooo... k yes . +++= . Yes, the pendulum is still used, mainly in the many old clocksstill in use, that are regulated by a pendulum.

Are cars still used today?

A big yes. Without cars nowadays people will experience some difficulties in reaching an important place in only a short of time.

Are gongs still used today?

Yes, gongs are still used quite often today. Numerous symphonies and percussion ensembles use gongs in their orchestrations. Additionally, some drummers you gongs in their acoustic drum sets. These ancient instruments add great tones and texture and have a great dramatic effect.

Do they still use ziggurats today?

Yes we still use pyramids today in many things such as art, hotels, even houses... if you want a complex one haha anyway yes its one of the few we still use today from ancient egypt

How is the bicycle still used today?

Some use them for fun, some for exercise, some for competition. Some ride to work, or ride in their work(like messengers/couriers)

Is a ziggurat still used today?

Yes, ziggurats are still used today but they are not called the same thing. Since ziggurats are like temples/worships for God, what comes to my mind are churches. We go to church for special learning's of God's life, and for praying, and to talk to God. Hope this helped(:

Are canals still used today?

Yes, canals are still used. There are several major shipcanals around the world, such as the Suez Canal (Red Sea toMediterranean Sea) and Panama Canal (Pacific to AtlanticOceans). There are also a goodly number of smaller canals and"navigations" (rivers modified to be navigable) around,particu ( Full Answer )

How is romanticism still used today?

Modern horror novels and woman's romance are descendants of the Gothic romance movement. Shakespeare was inspired by Romanticism, and inspired many others.

Are bagpipes still used today?

Yes, many forms of bagpipes are still used, especially the Great Highland Bagpipes (the famous Scottish ones) which are played the world over.

Is the ballista still used today?

No, it is a weapon of ancient history. However in a loose way you can say that the ballista is still used today in the form of our rockets and missiles. A ballista was a blanket term for something thrown or the device that threw them. The use of missiles in modern warfare is sometimes considered a ( Full Answer )

Why is zinc still used today?

Zinc is an extremely valuable metal in today's world. Its anti-corrosive properties find use in roofing iron, electrolytic passivising in marine work, and there is a small number of medicinal applications. Brass and similar alloys are a significant user of Zn. The daily intake of this essential el ( Full Answer )

Is gas still in use today?

Yes it is used in everyday life. The most common use would be for electricity, as gas is used toheat water in power stations which in effect createselectricity. . ++++ I will expand that to clarify it. Heating the water inpower-stations does not "in effect create electricity". Rather, itis boiled ( Full Answer )

Why is Copernicus' theory still used today?

There were two theories concerning the way the solar system was layed out. Back before Nickolas Copernicus presented his heliocentric system (the idea that the sun is in the center of the solar system and all the planets revolve around it) the accepted model was the geocentric system (the idea that ( Full Answer )

Is typywriter still used today?

Yes - plenty of people still use typewriters, when there's no need for the user to have access to the internet.

Are unions still used today?

yes that is the correct answer .wright your answer .thank you . please like this answer.

Is PlayStation still used today?

Some of the consoles are still used and many of the games are still played on PS2 or PS3 consoles. The Playstation games are even sold at the Playstation Store for there use on the new consoles although many have been upgraded

Are Plato's theories still useful today?

Plato's theories are useful as an important part of the history of philosophy. Plato was historically influential, but his theories are not accepted today as being philosophically valid. It has been asserted by many philosophical historians that to read Plato's works is to help understand how he inf ( Full Answer )

Is the euro still used today?

Of course it is! If it wasn't, all the countries using it would not have any money to use. The Euro is the currency of: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, ( Full Answer )

How is science still used today?

Science has been always the basis of every knowledge. Today it is used as it was since the man started thinking. Curiosity leading to new approaches.

Do you still use meters today?

Meters are used as a base measurement of length in almost all countries (excluding America).

Why is latin still used today?

Its used in the Vatican .... There is , however, a lot of arguing about how words arepronounced, since Latin is considered a "dead" language and there'sno one you can ask about pronounciation. So the way Latin is spokentoday may as well differ from the way it was spoken 2000 years ago. Also, it is ( Full Answer )