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What cleaning product should be used to clean latex-painted wood?

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How does a cleaning product clean?

That would depend on the type of "cleaning" your doing

Will Comet clean your system of THC?

No! The cleaning product Comet is toxic and should never be taken interbally.

What cleaning product starts with M?

Mr. Clean

What cleaning materials have acids in them?

Many cleaning products do such as when comet and windex mix and the most dangerous cleaning product is mr clean

What cleaning product will clean car?

small amount of dish liquid

What is the best way to clean an outdoor jacuzzi?

An outdoor jacuzzi should be cleaned using a specialised jacuzzi cleaning product. It is important to follow the instructions that come with the product that you use.

What is the best way to clean a ceramic garden stool?

The best way to clean a ceramic garden stool is to use a commercial cleaning product along with a cloth and water. You should spray the cleaning product on the stool and then give the stool a scrub with the cloth (a rough type of cloth would be better for this). Finally, rinse it with the water.

What product should I use to clean my flat screen tv ?

You should clean the front of the TV with a soft, damp cloth. The use of a mild soap for heavy cleaning is acceptable. I love the look of my flat screen TV. You should use a soft cloth to clean the dust from the screen.

How can you clean jewelry without buying a cleaning product at the store?

soak it in coke or pepsi

What is a good product to clean the glass bed of a scanner?

Windex is great for cleaning scanners.

What are the best products to use for window washing?

When washing or cleaning windows, one will need some clean warm water. One should add some sort of cleaning product or Fairy Liquid to the water, and use a clean cloth to dry the window off.

What is the best product to keep my PSP clean?

Cleaning kits that come with cleaning solution and scratch free cloths are best. Covers will help you protect your PSP and help you keep it clean.

How often should I have the carpet cleaning company clean my wool carpet?

You should have your carpet cleaning company clean your wool carpet once a year. To keep it in good shape.

How often should you clean a guinea pig cage?

you should do a daily cleaning

What is the best product to clean a coffee maker?

Soap and water are best for cleaning your coffee maker.

How do you clean poly urethane wood floors?

You should find a product specific for wood cleaning such as Bona Kemi (highly recommended) NEVER USE A SOAKED MOP

What is a good product to use to clean my rug?

Resolve is a very good carpet cleaning product. Another good one is BlueMagic 912.

Can you use a solution to clean out ear wax?

Yes.. There is a product call Earigate ment for cleaning ears.

What is the best product to clean my GameCube?

Any standard CD cleaner will work great for cleaning out the GameCube.

Should you clean your rare pennies?

NO, cleaning them will probably reduce their value

What products can be used to clean hardwood floors?

Pinesol is recommended, but any product that is approved should work. Visit your local Home Improvement store and go to the cleaning aisles. Each product should have a label which contains information on what surfaces it can be used on and in what quantities

A technician accidentally spills a cleaning solution on the floor of the workshopwhere would the technician find instruction on how to properly clean up and despose of the product?

Find out what company manufactures the cleaning product, and go to their web site.

How can I clean my basement windows?

You can take some Windex or preferred cleaning product, spray them and then wipe them clean. If there is any streaking repeat, but also clean both inside and outside.

Where can I find a product to clean my keyboard?

Unplug your keyboard and the keys themselves should be easily removable. Cleaning can then be done with any basic cleaning product providing you don't use excessive amounts. Specialized keyboard cleaners can also be found at a large amount of physical and online retailers but are not completely necessary.

How does Cyber Clean electronics cleaner work?

Cyber Clean is a brand of office cleaning products. The company's signature electronic cleaning product is a yellow putty-like compound that is able to remove dust from surfaces it touches.