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Q: What climate do goat have to have to live in?
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What animals live in a mediteranean climate?

the golden jackal, mauflon, the wild goat and may others

Where Goat live?

they live in bushes

Can a goat live in a jungle?

A goat could live in a jungle because there is plenty of food there. However, there are many animals in a jungle that would hunt the goat. The goat would not survive long.

What is a wild goat found in the Himalayas?

The Himalayan tahr is a wild goat found in the Himalayas. The goat has thick, reddish wool coats and thick undercoats to protect them from the harsh climate.

What anamals live on mountain?

Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol! Mountain Goat!!! Lol!

Do Goat live in the rainforest?

no they not

What ecosystems does a mountain goat live in?

they live in mountains

What kind of climate do crocodiles live in?

warm climate

What climate do Chimpanzees live in?

what climate do a chimpanzee live in

What ecosystem does a goat live?


Where do monkeys goat live?


Where exactly does goat live?