What clothes do Jon and kate kids wear?

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Gymboree and Gap give them their clothes for the kids. It has been great advertising for those stores.
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What clothes did colonial kids wear?

Colonial kids wore almost identical clothes as the adults. Theydressed like miniature grown ups. Girls would wear skirts and boyswould wear breeches, a shirt and jacket.

How old are Beth's kids on Jon and Kate Plus 8?

Beth and Bob have four kids, daughters Kayla, Brittany and Talia, and son Bryce. Talia is Cara and Mady's best friend so is probably 8 or 9. Kayla and Brittany are older and work as nannies and have often helped Jon and Kate, so they are probably 20-22. Bryce was 16 at the time of 'Red and White Gos ( Full Answer )

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin get free clothing?

Yes and no. Some clothing is provided by sponsors in return for the exposure on the Gosselin's reality show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8', some clothing is provided in association with special trips and events (for example: The snow gear provided for the Gosselin kids during their first trip to Utah). Addit ( Full Answer )

Do Jon and Kate get free clothes?

Yes, the Gosselins get free clothing from a variety of sponsors. The most well known are: Gymboree, The Gap. Clothing from Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Republic and American Eagle have been spotted on the show as well... but it is not known if those outfits were comps or not..

Have Jon and Kate considered having more kids?

In happier times, yes. The Gosselins have considered having more children.. During the Q&A episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8, Jon and Kate said they are done having children.. However, in several interviews the Gosselins have expressed an interest in adoption. In some interviews they have mentioned t ( Full Answer )

Which beach did Jon and Kate take the kids?

"Jon and Kate plus 8" has featured the Gosselin family visiting several different beaches.. Jupiter Florida . Corolla, North Carolina . San Diego, California - at Paradise Point . Grand Wailea, Hawaii . Bald Head Island, North Carolina . The family may have visited beaches above and beyond th ( Full Answer )

What are all the kids' names on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Here they are in birth order The Gosselin twins were born October 8th, 2000: 1. Cara Nicole Gosselin 2. Madelyn "Mady" Kate Gosselin The Gosselin sextuplets were born on May 10th, 2004: 3. Alexis Faith Gosselin - 2lbs 11.5oz 4. Hannah Joy Gosselin - 2lbs 11ozs 5. Aaden Jonathan Gosselin - 2lb ( Full Answer )

Who wears glasses on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

Aaden, one of the sextuplet boys, wears glasses. He is nearsighted. When he is swimming or playing outside, sometimes he leaves his glasses off.. Once in a while both Jon and Kate wear glasses too..

How do you tell the kids in 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' apart?

It is easy to tell the Gosselin children apart, since none of them are identical. The twins are easy as Cara is visibly taller than Madelyn and has lighter, longer hair. The little boys are also reasonably easy as Aaden has glasses and Collin has a round shaped head whereas Joel head is longer ( Full Answer )

How do Jon and Kate discipline their kids?

Jon and Kate primarily use "time outs" with the younger children. With the older girls they have taken away special events and treats for bad behavior.. Jon and Kate most definitely DO spank. They said so at a speech Kate gave and it's also been in the news lately.. One WikiAnswerers opinion I a ( Full Answer )

How many Webkinz do Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids have?

Cara and Mady have been seen with Webkinz, but there is no information on how many Webkinz the entire family own.. One Opinion I personally think that they don't have any. They have a Wii, though. They also have many pre-school gaming systems! I don't think they would need those anymore, with the ( Full Answer )

How many kids do Jon and Kate Gosselin have?

Jon and Kate Gosselin have 8 children. Their names are Cara, Madelyn "Mady," Leah, Alexis, Hannah, Joel, Collin, and Aaden. Mady and Cara are twins, and the others are sextuplets.. Jon Gosselin Born April 1, 1977 Dad Jon does his best to keep up with his high-energy family. . Kate Gosselin B ( Full Answer )

How do Jon and Kate Gosselin handle 8 kids?

One answer They have people come in to help them. If I were them, I would do it too! Its very difficult taking care of sextuplets and two twin girls. But they manage by the support of others :D!

What are Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids' middle names?

Madelyn Kate Gosselin. Cara Nicole Gosselin. Joel Kevin Gosselin. Aaden Jonathan Gosselin. Collin Thomas Gosselin. Leah Hope Gosselin. Alexis Faith Gosselin. Hannah Joy Gosselin

How old are the kids on 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

The Gosselin sextuplets turned 5 on May 10, 2009. The Gosselin twins will turn 9 October 8, 2009.. Birth Order. Born on October 8,2000 . Cara Nicole Gosselin. Madelyn Kate Gosselin. Born on May 10,2004 . Alexis Faith Gosselin. Hannah Joy Gosselin. Aaden Jonathan Gosselin. Collin Thomas ( Full Answer )

What size clothing does Kate Gosselin wear?

According to the article 'Kids, Cameras and Controversy' in the May 24, 2009 edition of Entertainment Weekly, Kate Gosselin wears a size 4.. The article is linked under related links.

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin fight in front of the kids?

Yes. Jon and Kate fight in front of their kids in nearly every episode of their reality show 'Jon & Kate Plus 8." Additionally, reports from people that have worked with them report the couple deportment without the cameras is equally combative.

Why did Jon and Kate Gosselin have 8 kids?

Jon and Kate Gosselin didn't choose to have 8 kids, they originally planned to have just 3 kids. So after the Twins, Mady and Cara were born they went for 1 more child and ended up with 6, sextuplets, which made 8 kids all together 2 + 6 = 8!. It's a wonderful story and they are all just living a m ( Full Answer )

Do Jon and Kate take care of the kids by themselves?

No, the Gosselins have a babysitter that helps them at least 6 hours a day.. Allegedly there are other staff that help take care of the kids and keep the house... but these rumors have not been verified.

Will Kate get them or Jon?

\nE-bay will get them. All the kids are getting sold on E-bay. My friend already has dibs on Aiden.

What are Jon and Kate going to do with the kids once they get a divorce?

During the 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' episode Houses & Big Changes (originally aired June 22, 2009) Jon and Kate said that the children will continue to live in the Gosselin home, and that the parents would be on the property when it was "their turn" with the kids.. The exact details of the custody arra ( Full Answer )

How did Jon and kate tell the kids about the divorce?

In an interview with People Magazine Kate said they told the twins and sextuplets about the plans for separation and eventual divorce separately.. They sat down the twins first and then the sextuplets. . During an interview on the Today show, Kate said they are handling things gradually. Out of c ( Full Answer )

Does kate gosselin pick out the kids clothes?

Yes,, when the children were young. As they are growing up, theirindividual preferences are coming through, In one of the specialsKate commented about the need to accommodate individual tastes andpreferences for each child's clothing.

Does kate gosselin give her kids out grown clothes away?

There is no public information on what Kate Gosselin does with allthose outgrown duds, however there have been two episodes of herreality show featuring garage sales where she donated the proceedsto a charity.

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin explain to the kids that they were getting a divorce?

Kate Gosselin did an interview recently with People Magazine. She said that they told Cara and Mady they had some news for them. They said "Good news or bad news" Kate said "bad at first, but it will get better". So Jon and Kate sat down together. They told the twins they were going to divorce, but ( Full Answer )

Who do the Gosselin kids live with - Jon or Kate?

Both!. The Gosselin children live at the house, and Jon and Kate take turns living at the house with the kids. Kate keeps the her main 'Hub" at the house... and travels or stays at a hotel when it is Jons turn. Jon has an apartment and visits the house when it is his turn with the kiddos. . Both

Does Jon or Kate get the kids?

Jon and Kate both share custody of the kids. The kids dont switch homes because the camera crew would have a stressful time rearranging things and somehow it saves money instead of buying multible toys for both homes. Kate gets the kids on weekdays and will live in the Wernersville mansion and on th ( Full Answer )

Where does Kate Gosselin live while Jon is at house with kids?

Jon and Kate Gosselin no longer follow a "nest" philosophy for sharing custody. Nest philosophy is that the children stay in one place, and the parents rotate out when it is their turn for custody. The Gosselins initially followed that practice after the divorce, but as time went along the c ( Full Answer )

Does kate let Jon see the kids?

yes acording to the announcement they said Jon will have his days with the kids and kates days with the kids so the kids have their own house how lucky is that

Did Jon and Kate Gosselin split up the kids?

No. Kate has primary custody, but the Gosselin children were not split up. According to Jon Gosselin, he and Kate continue to share custody 50/50.

Which hospital were Jon and Kate Gosselin's kids born in?

I believe they were born at Penn State Hershey Medical Center in Hershey PA. After born they stayed in the NICU for a while. Once able to take a few home they stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. I got this information in one of the episodes.

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin cooperate on the filming schedule of their kids?

Since their divorce, Jon and Kate Gosselin's wrangling over their children, the reality show and public appearances have been broadcast across the media for the public to follow and debate. Jon has stated his concerns about the filming of his children on film, in public statements and via Twitter. ( Full Answer )

How old is all of Jon and kates kids?

Cara and Mady are 10 (They will turn 11 in October) Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel are 7 (They willl turn 8 May 2012)

What are the 8 kids on Jon and kate plus?

Alexis Faith Gosselin Hannah Joy Gosselin Aaden Jonathan Gosselin Collin Thomas Gosselin Leah Hope Gosselin Joel Kevin Gosselin Cara Mady

What did Jon and Kate Gosselin name their kids?

Twins ( aged 10, born October 8th 2000) - . Cara Nicole Gosselin. Madelyn Kate Gosselin. Sextuplets ( aged 6, born May 10th 2004 ) . Alexis Faith Gosselin. Hannah Joy Gosselin. Aaden Jonathon Gosselin. Collin Thomas Gosselin. Leah Hope Gosselin. Joel Kevin Gosselin .

What are clothes that kids wear?

Kids wear brands such as Justice, Abercrombie and Fitch, GAP Kids, Famous Footwear and Foot Locker.