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What collage degree does a Veterinarian need?


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A Vet usually requires a Doctoral degree in Veterinary Medicine.

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You need a doctorate's degree in Veterinary Medicine, which is a graduate degree you obtain after completing a bachelor's degree.

you need to have a degree for veterinarian and need to have gradguated from college

They have to go to Veterinarian school.

No. A high school diploma or GED will work. If you want to be a officer you do need a college degree.

Nope - the DVM/VMD degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Medical Doctor) is the only degree needed to be a veterinarian.

There are two different degrees a person needs to become a veterinarian. They will need to get an undergraduate degree, and then they'll need to go to school for another four years to get their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

To prescribe medications you need to be a veterinarian with a DVM or VMD degree. To simply give injections prescribed by a veterinarian, you need to be a veterinary technician with a vet tech degree.

you need to have a collage degree and you will also need to go to teachers school

You need a degree in order to work in a large variety of fields. Many jobs do not hire a person without a degree. You would need a degree to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a veterinarian.

Vet as in veteran or as in veterinarian? To be a veterinarian would require a university degree, and that would be in veterinary science.

A veterinarian gets a D.V.M. degree (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

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You need to go to a veterinary college before you can become a veterinarian. Before you can go to veterinary college, you need to have a 4-year college degree.

You have to be a college graduate and complete Veterinarian School, which is another three years to get a license.

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Anyone can if he or she has a veterinarian degree

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In most places, it would be Doctorate in Veterinary Medecine (DVM).

In order to be a veterinarian you have to get your college degree.If you dont get a college degree you cant be a veterinarian. SO GET YOUR COLLEGE DEGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Within the US there is not such thing as a veterinarian with just a bachelor's degree. A veterinarian must have a doctorate in veterinary medicine.

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