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Q: What college has a better college crosscountry team USC or UCLA?
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Which school has the most team national championships in college?

UCLA - 100 Championships

Which college basketball team has the most championship wins?


What college basketball team has the most NCAA tournament wins?


Which college basketball team has produced the most NBA players?


Who' the best basketball team ever?

UCLA college team under John Wooden in the '60s

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Name a college that usually has a great football team?

Ucla notre dame nebraska

What team in college basketball team is second in NCAA championship?

University of Kentucky with 8 championships behind UCLA with 11.

What college basketball team won the most naional titles?

UCLA with 11 national championships

Who was the first NCAA college basketball team to make it to 5 consecutive final fours?


What college basketball team has won the most March Madness titles?

UCLA with 11 Championships.

Which men's ncaa college basketball team has had the most national championships?

The UCLA Bruins :11