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All of them, but I would prefer Word of Life and Liberty University.

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Q: What colleges are best for homeschooled students?
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What colleges do not accept homeschooled children?

None. All colleges accept homeschooled students, and a large number actively attempt to recruit more homeschooled students.

Are homeschooled students suffering from being only subjected to their family members and no one their own age?

Students who are homeschooled are often socialized with other homeschooled students to broaden their social network. Homeschooling is a perfectly fine alternative to public schools, and students are not isolated from other peers.

What percentage of American students are homeschooled?

about 2 percent

Does the average college look down on homeschooled students who are trying to get into their college?

No. Actually, many colleges such as Harvard University (and many, many others) are actively seeking homeschoolers because they tend to be more self-motivated. Some recent statistics have shown a sharp uprise in the amount of homeschooled teens accepted into major colleges.

What are some of the best colleges in the US?

Some of the best colleges in the US that you can get paid a lot of money from would be Brown, Harvard, Yale and Georgetown. Most of these Colleges are for students who are highly educated

What are the top 200 engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh?

Colleges with only merited students are the best, seats for money is worst.

How many parents choose to homeschool?

Only about three percent of children are homeschooled. The amount of students deciding to be homeschooled is growing every year.

What kind of diploma do homeschooled students get?

A GED or high school equivalency test.

How many high school student are currently being homeschooled?

About 340,000 high school students are homeschooled in the United States. About 2.1 million children (grades K-12) are homeschooled in the United States.

How many students are homeschooled in the U.S. in 2008?

could you tell me the new students whose supported by propaganda of faith in this year?

Canada's best college for international students?

There are many good colleges for international students in Canada. It really just depends on what the person wants to study in.

Best word processing program from college students?

Microsoft Word is the most common among colleges and universites.

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