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Microsoft Word is the most common among colleges and universites.

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Q: Best word processing program from college students?
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What is meant by best laptop computers for college students?

The phrase "best laptop computers for college students" refers to the way college students use their laptops. They take them to classes to take notes and to access the internet and therefore are most convenient if they have wireless internet access and an easy to use word processing format like "Notepad."

What college has the best pre-med program in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma Baptist University has a pre-med program that 90% of the students get accepted into med school

What type of laptop is best for college students?

You should contact the college and find out what the student's program recommends. Many colleges recommend MacBooks for students, but some areas like engineering suggest Windows laptops.

What are the best small appliances for college students?

The best small appliances for college students are toasters, microwaves, alarm clocks, laptops, and televisions. College students do not have a lot of space.

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What Juco has the best basketball program?

The best Men's Basketball Program is Miami-Dade Junior College

How to Find the Best Laptop Computers for College Students?

College students benefit greatly from purchasing laptop computers. Computers help students keep their college work more organized. Research is much easier with laptops as well. It is important for college students to purchase the best laptops in order to get the most out of them. College students should look for laptops that are compact enough to take with them into classrooms but big enough to handle the complex work necessary to make it through college with the best grades possible. The best laptop computers for college students must be adjusted according to the student and his or her course of study.

What is the best college to attend if you want to be an RN?

A college with an undergraduate program in nursing.

What college has the best sports management program?


Are there online college tutors available?

There is a great site for online tutoring, for college students. has a great program for one on one online tutoring. The best thing about this site is the sign up is free!

Best under graduate program for engineering students?

b. tech