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What colleges will accept low act scores?

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community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kid

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There are many community colleges that will accept low SAT scores or accept students without an SAT score. Regular colleges will also accept students with low SAT scores if they have some interesting volunteer experience or skill.

The state of Georgia has a college that will accept no SAT scores and a low high school GPA (Georgia Perimeter).

Many colleges and universities will accept students with at least a 2.0 GPA in high school, even if accompanied by low SAT scores. Check with advisors, as well as college web sites.

Any community college if you have completed high school.

community college and slum dog private college may accept you if you score low in ACT. don't afraid my dear kids.

Most colleges will not accept lower GPA's, except for community colleges and low-rate. Colleges. You need to keep looking for a decent college or raise your GPA.

A score on 16 on an ACT is a rather low score. However, many state universities may allow admission. Also, almost all community colleges will accept students with that score.

3.0 is pretty low for Rutgers, but if your SAT scores are very high, there might be a chance.

There is not a set score that is considered failing for the SAT. However, if a student receives a low score, he or she does have the option of retaking the exam. Additionally, certain schools will accept lower scores and many community colleges do not even require the SAT to be taken as an admission prerequisite.

Ga Perimeter will. They have a 2-year system & if you do good you can transfer to your dream college.

They get low scores because they don't answer enough questions correctly.

If the GPA is from high school, a 1.8 GPA would not be passing and would indicate they did not earn a high school diploma. Some community colleges will accept students that have a cumulative score that low from other colleges.

I need a dentist that would accept that I'm in a low income.

If you're considering going there, you might want to rephrase the question to something like "What is the average SAT score for University of Miami?" Good colleges are more likely to accept you if you have a decent knowledge of grammar... Grammatical rant aside, I think the average is around 1900, maybe a little lower. But there's no "required" SAT score to get into any college. Colleges look at a lot more than SAT scores; if you have a good GPA and have done a good amount of extracurricular activities/volunteer work but you have relatively low SAT scores, you can still have a pretty good chance of getting in.

You can. In fact, it is possible for one to have low grades and low standardized test scores and get into a good school. The application as opposed to the grades are the most important part of getting into high school.

If most the population has many high scores, the distribution is negatively skewed. If most have many low scores, it is positively skewed

SAT scores are interpreted on the highest to the lowest. The higher the score the better you have done. If your score is low, it means that you did very poorly.

Some people believe that anything less than 145 is too low for acceptance into law school and that you would most likely need to be over 152 to broaden your school choice. However, some schools accept scores even lower than 145 depending on other factors including your undergraduate GPA and past experiences - I know of people who were accepted with scores in the low 130s. It depends on the school's average LSAT scores and the overall strength of the rest of your application.

Standardized test scores are not necessarily a good indication of how good an education student's are receiving. In order to close a school, the scores should be balanced with other factors.

0-0. That is when neither team scores a goal.

IQ scores have no set limit. The known regions of intelligence have reached 220, but there is no data for dramatically low scores. The base average however, is intended to be 100.

AnswerNo, not necessarily. Many colleges have special provisions and waivers for students who were enrolled in college prep classes and can prove they have a learning disability.

A Low GPA may result in you not getiing accepted into a selective college. This will directly effect your career, and you may not get a good job. Some colleges (known as liberal arts colleges) only bases their admissions 25% on your GPA. These colleges are private colleges, usually about 32 Thousand or so a year, and are for people who wish to explore many majors.

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