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New Netherland (now New Jersey) and New Amsterdam (now New York).

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When was the first colony found?

The dutch colony was found in 1624 by the dutch west India company

Were did the Dutch first settle at?

new yorkthe dutch primarily settled at the new york colony

Why was the colony of New Amsterdam different then other colonies?

it was the first colony established by the dutch in the americas

Where did Dutch establish their first colony?

they established it at new england.

What was the first Dutch colony?

the first dutch colony was called new neatherlands then became new amsterdam, and now it is new york which is only nyc now (new york city)

Who were the first settlers in the Delaware colony?

the first settlers in delaware were the Dutch but then sweden took over but the dutch wanted back and so they did.

Who were the first people to explore new york?

The Dutch had the first colony in New York.

Who first settled the Dutch colony of New Netherlands?

The Dutch came with Peter Stuyvesant who purchased Manhattan from the Indians.

Which colony was first settled dutch?

New York. It was settled by the Dutch in the 17th Century and was called Nieuw-Amsterdam.

What colony was first settled by the dutch then seized by England?

There are probably a number of answers to this question, one would be the Cape Colony (South Africa) first settled by the Dutch in 1652 which was then occupied by the British during the first and second occupations.

When the English oust the dutch from their colony what did they name it?

The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became the English colony of New York.

When did Europeans first settle in New York?

The Dutch had a colony in the 1600’s.

What is the state of Delaware?

A former Dutch West Indies Company Colony, a former Swedish Colony, a former English Colony and the first state in the Union.

What was the first European colony in Africa?

Probably Angola. Portuguese colony, ruled from 1655. To add to that, Cape Town settled by Dutch 1652, might have been considered first "Colony".

Which colony was originally settled by the Dutch?

New York was origonally a Dutch colony (New Netherland). The Dutch also settled into Delaware.

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