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What color are algae?


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green, brown, olive brown, golden olive, red-black. depending on the type

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Algae comes in many different color but the most common is green

Although all algae have chlorophyll not all kinds of algae are green. Fire algae are unicellular algae that are red in color because of too little oxygen in the water

the basis for classifying algae is color

Green is the color of algae........ some algae are green, Red, Brown, or Golden Brown

In short, due to chlorophyll. There are also red algae, so not all algae are green.

Algae: Green algae, even red algae but phycoerythrin over populates it which gives the red algae its red color.

algae are classified according to color, they are also classified according to how they reproduce

Red algae gets its color from a pigment in its cells that absorbs blue light and reflects red light called phycoerthrin. The algae also have carotene and other pigments.

freshwater green algae

It is an Autotroph =D The algae color does not affect the variation between that. ^_^

The color doesn't protect them. They get said color (pink) from the algae that they eat.

Blue-green algae have only one type of chlorophyll, which gives it its color and its name. They also have carotenoids that are yellowish in color.

It is commonly known as the Golden algae.

Both absorb light energy and make it where algae can produce sufficient energy to live. They also give algae its green color.

I think it is phycoerythrin

The only type of multicellular protists are plant-like seaweeds known as algae. There are three different types of algae that are differentiated by color. The brown algae is known as Phaeophyta, the red algae is known as Rhodophyta, and the green algae is known as Chlorophyta.

Because they have an algae growing in their fur.

blue green algae means that the color is blue and green A.K.A. it's chloroplasts are that color so it can absorb more sunlight. So the answer is yes

Lichen is an organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria. Some characteristic of lichen is its color is color green and some are color brown.

Algae is first classified based on its color. The next step is to classify it according to cellular complexity. The final step is to group the algae based on genetic comparisons.

•it is the largest, most complex type of algae. •Fucoxanthin is the pigment that gives it it's brownish color •Made ofdiatom (a phytoplankton) skeletons that have become connected to form the algae

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