What color are yellow spotted lizards teeth?


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the yellow spotted lizard's teeth are black with a black tongue and red eyes that are actually yellow

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No yellow spotted lizards do not have red teeth. if you watch the part in holes when Kate Barlow gets bitten by a yellow spotted lizard you can see that their teeth are white.

Do you mean in the book Holes by Louis Sachar? In that case, yes. But yellow spotted lizards like that don't exist in real life. Here are some lizards that are similar:Spotted Salamander Ambystoma maculatumYellow-Spotted Tropical Night Lizard Lepidophyma flavimaculatumGila Monster Heloderma suspectumLeopard Gecko Eublepharis maculariusIn the movie they used bearded dragons Pogona vitticeps.None of these have red eyes, white tongues and black teeth. Even the Gila monster, which I honestly think is the most similar to a yellow spotted lizard because it has a venomous bite and lives in the deserts of West Texas.

No turtles have teeth. They all have beaks instead.

White is the correct color for your teeth. However, people can earn certain yellow shades from their biological parents; yet, nobody will have pure yellow teeth.

because it is not yellow.

Yes bearded lizards do have small sharp teeth

no blue belly lizards do not have teeth. they bite and they are not poisonous.

Actually, there are lots of factors that may change the the color of your teeth. One of the most common cause which affects the color of your teeth is in fact your genes. If both your parents have naturally yellow teeth, then most likely you'll have a similar teeth color. Also, some of the main factors that can cause yellow teeth apart from the genes are food, oral hygiene, and aging.

Smoking turns the teeth a yellow-black color because of the tar that is in it.

I believe the colour of a polar bears teeth is yellow with spots of white, or vise versa, as in its white with yellow, based on pictures the teeth look yellowish..

Lemon sharks are yellow in color and have curved teeth.

No kesha doesn't have yellow teeth

collared lizard have teeth because they need protection to...HI

Sadly yes.If your parents have/had yellow teeth then it is genetics

Yes, hamsters should have yellow teeth.

yes if you have yellow teeth, you should see a dentist

A goanna is an Australian monitor lizard. These lizards are large with sharp teeth and claws, and are predatory lizards.

You get yellow teeth by not taking care of them - brushing regularly, going to the dentist for cleaning twice a year, etc. You can also get yellow teeth from smoking.

Cigarette smoking makes teeth yellow. Red wine, tea and coffee are beverages that make teeth yellow. Poor dental hygiene also discolors the teeth.

your teeth turn yellow because of the tar in the cigarette

When you smoke your teeth do go yellow and fall out gradually.

Yes it can because I did laser on my upper lip and the laser was so strong it burned my teeth and made them a dark yellow color.

Hamsters do have yellow teeth it is normal. it is an extra layer of enamel. It makes the rats teeth stronger

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