What color do you mix with purple to get golden hair?


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you mix yellow and orange


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You can mix colors up as in purple and a red color from sally's and the same colorline.

its going to turn youre hair a maroon-ish color more on the brown side but maroon because of the color mix

The color that you get when you mix olive green and purple is a brown color. This color is not very appealing to many people.

Red. if you mix red and blue you get purple!!!!!!!

You need to mix Blue and Red for the color purple.And white for light purple and black for dark purple.

If you have the color blue then take red to make purple. Purple rocks!

When yellow is mixed with purple you get brown muddy color.

method to make purple paint 1. Mix red color with blue color

If you mix a blue and red you will make purple.

If you mix red and blue, you get purple.

splurple a mix of silver and purple

Purple.Purple or Violet.Purplepretty colors. aka purple

It becomes more of a purpley red hair color. the two colors will mix because of the pigment in them. basically, the coloring will not turn out to be purple, but a dark pink.

Lavendar is a light shade of purple. I'd say mix purple with white. That will give you a lighter purple.

there is no color with yellow to make purple.. they are polar opposites.. red and blue make purple

Blue is a primary color, red and blue mixed make the secondary color purple.

Technically the color purple is called violet.( I'm only mentioning this because if you come across a color wheel you won't find purple on it) To get what we call purple, you mix red and blue, with a little more blue in the mixture. Start slow and mix your colors in small amounts until you get the shade of purple you want.

a pit mix lab retriever color is golden and black

red and blue mixed together make purple. :)

brown or a darker purple or darker green, it depends on how much of each color you mix

Blue is a primary color. Blue and red mix to make purple, which is a secondary color.

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