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it would appear black . "i no because i tryed it "

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Q: What color does a green apple appear in a red light?
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What colour is an apple in the dark?

the same color it is in the light. objects appear the color that they are because they absorb all colors of light except the one that it appears as. it relects that color and your brain sees it as that. thus, if you have a red apple and a green light on it, it would appear to be black or just really dark. because there is no red light for it to reflect and it merely absorbs the green light. so an apple is the same color no matter what. its just the diffrent affects of light that make it seem different colors.

What color will the green apple appear to be when viewed through a red filter?

Black, or nearly so. The apple reflects only green light, the red filter only lets red light through, so nothing reaches the eye.

What color would a green tennis ball appear in green light?


What color does white light minus green light appear?


What color would a cucumber appear in green light white light and red light?

Green light - Green, White light - Green, Red light - Black

What will a green apple appear to be when viewed through a red filter?

It will be black because there may not be any green light reflecting the green apple so if theres no light then it will become black

What color would a green tennis ball appear in white light?


Why do green apples appear green?

Apples are green because, apple fruit colors of red and yellow are due to anthocyanins. The green would probably be chlorophyll. Anthocyanins are one of the main pigments responsible for flower, fruit and leaf colors...

What color of light is reflected by chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll reflects the green portion of the visible light spectrum, this is why most plants appear green in color

What color will appear if you add green light to red and blue lights?


What color would a red object appear to be if you shone a green light on it?

it would appear black.

What would happen if you shone a bright red light on a green apple?

Since the apple is green, it would absorb any light that is not the same color as the apple. In this instance, the apple would appear very dark or even black since there is no green in the red light you are shining on the apple. A popular science experiment involves a shoe box, a piece of colored plastic or glass, a few objects (such as the apple), and a flashlight. If a red apple is being used with a red filter, the apple would appear to be a bright red since the apple is also red. The red filter allows the red color being reflected off the apple to pass through. Switch the filter to a green one, and the apple appears black since the filter effectively filters out all colors except green.