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I believe, that acid makes blue litmus paper turn red.

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Q: What color does acid make litmus paper turn?
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What color does a base make litmus paper?

the red litmus paper turns to blue

What colour of litmus is phosphoric acid?

Litmus paper is an indicator. Phosphoric acid is an acid. The question does not make sense.

What colour does nitric acid and litmus make?

The color is red.

What does litmus do in acid and bases?

Litmus paper is reactive to acids and bases. Acids make the paper turn red; bases make it turn blue.

Bases make litmus paper turn what color?


How are lichens used to make litmus paper?

The indicators in litmus are extracted from lichens; the color of litmus depends on the pH of the solution.

Does vinegar make litmus paper turn red?

Litmus paper turns red if the solution is acidic and blue if the solution is basic. Vinegar is an acidic solution (due to acetic acid), and will turn the litmus paper red.

What is litmus?

Litmus is a colored powder, obtained from certain lichens, that changes to red in an acid solution, and to blue in an alkaline solution. Litmus is a mixture of various closely related heterocyclic organic compounds. It is used to make litmus paper , which can be used to determine whether a solution is basic or acidic by dipping a strip of the paper into the solution and seeing how the paper changes color.

Can litmus paper or any other paper be used to make aura readings from the salts and minerals off your hands?

No Litmus paper changes color depending on the acidity or alkalinity of the solution.

How can you make litmus paper?

Actual litmus paper is made using an indicator called litmus which is extracted from lichens. It's simply blotting paper soaked in a solution of litmus in water. However, you can make a substitute using the recipe below. This is what you need to make your "Litmus" paper: * Some grated fresh red cabbage * Water, enough to fill your jar * Paper towels, 2" strips * A wide-mouthed jar * Other fruits, flowers and vegetables How to do it: # Boil the cabbage in the water for about 10 minutes. # Let it cool down. # Strain it into a wide-mouthed jar. # Take your 2" strips of paper towels and soak it in the juice for a minute. # Let the strips of paper dry. # You now have your "Litmus" paper that you can use. # Now make paper in the same way with different substance such as fruits, flowers and vegetables. When we start testing, you will see that the color changes are different and because of what you see with the cabbage "litmus" paper, you'll be able to determine what color of your alternative "litmus" paper shows acid and what color shows you an alkali.

Does cola make a streak on litmus paper?

No, it does not.

How is red litmus paper made?

Litmus paper is primarily made out of paper. The paper is mostly made up of wood cellulose, which is treated with solvents beforehand to make sure there are no contaminants. Litmus paper is infused with lichens. Lichens are considered to be both an algae and a fungus, and they're quite sensitive to environmental change, which gives litmus paper its color changing ability.The two most common lichens found in litmus paper are rocella tinctoria and lecanora tartarea.-

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