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I am pretty sure she wears pink most of the time but i think sometimes she might wear blue =]

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Why my boyfriend wear hello kitty?

cause he like's hello kitty and he might collects it

Does Andy sixx like hello kitty?

Well, he doesn't wear any hello kitty clothing or anything. That doesn't mean he doesn't like hello kitty though. But probably not.Usually emo's don't like Hello Kitty.

What does hello kitty wear for school?

kitty wears a yellow t shirt and red overalls.

What ear does hello kitty wear her bow?

Not many people know, but Hello Kitty is a twin! Hello Kitty wears her bow on the left ear! But her twin sister Mimmy (said Me-me) wears it on the right!!

Why does hello kitty wear a bow?

To know whos which between her sister mimi.

Does hello kitty is an emo toy?

Kitty is an emo thing. A lot of girls like kitty. It's mainly goths who don't like kitty and wear all black.

Would charlotte cole wear a hello kitty dress?

well maybe not after all it is disgusting

Did lady gaga wear her hello kitty dress in one of her videos?

No She Hasn't But She May In The Future So Look Out In Her Videos :D

Did George Washington wear school uniforms?

yes and he wore a pink hello kitty nightgown and ate a pie before school

Why does my boyfriend wear a hello kitty belt?

We can only assume he likes the show, not knowing him personally. It would be easier if you ask him if you want to know why.

What does hello kitty wear?

Ghetto clothing with a do rag and sagged pants. accompanied by a large dildo in there left hand, to attract pimps who pay them money for bjs

Can female inmates wear their own pajamas or are they prison issued?

often depends what brand, if hello kitty or pokemon pyjamas they may let you as this is a ridiculous question

Who is hello kitty's family?

Kitty's family consists of her twin sister, Mimmy, who you can tell a difference from Kitty because her bow is always on the left. Also her bow is usually yellow, and kitty doesn't usually wear a yellow bow. There is also mama and papa.

Can you wear undies while swimming?

yes you can wear undies while swimming. We prefer you not to though. It might be kind of embarrassing if you're friends see you're Hello Kitty boxers under yo pants man. What kind of question was THAT?

Hello Kitty Costumes are Fun and Unique?

Hello Kitty is a character that has been loved by girls and women for years. She was originally Japanese, but love for Hello Kitty now spans the globe. She is a white kitty character who often wears a red dress, but has been known to wear a variety of other outfits. Some Hello Kitty costumes are very cartoonish and stylized, while other costumes stay close to the original look and feel of the character. This is a wonderful costume for both girls and women and can be worn by people of all sizes and ages. Many Hello Kitty costumes are accessorized with pink hair bows, pearls, and feather boas. Some people wear a costume with a full kitty head, while others use face paint to make their nose pink and make whiskers. It is a good idea to carry makeup with you because the costume head may be hot and uncomfortable. Red or pink lipstick is often worn with the costume and so are white gloves. White and pink cat ears are usually worn by people whose costume didn't come with a full kitty head. Pink or Red flowers or bows may also be worn in the hair. Manicured nails and body glitter are sometimes added as unique touches to help the costume stand out in a crowd. Red or pink dresses make up the bulk of Hello Kitty costumes, but they can also be found with blue or black dresses. Some costumes use furry white pants to look like cat legs, while others use white leggings or leave the legs bare. Hello Kitty costumes can be found in many different styles; she may be dressed as a cheerleader, sailor or princess. These costumes are usually worn by young girls, but women sometimes wear short skirts and high heels to make their Hello Kitty costume sexier and more adult. Hello Kitty symbolizes the essence of girlishness. She is soft, pink and playful, with bows in her hair and feminine outfits. This is a great costume for girls who love to dress up and play as well as women who long to be young and carefree.

What age group is hello kitty for?

From EXACTLY ages 0 - Infinity. Honestly. My grandmother and mom still wear her. Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, etc. still wear them. so from the first answer.... it is really NOT ONLY ages 6-12.

What to wear with short classic tan Uggs?

There's many things to wear with them. Like I'd wear a black pencil skirt, the Hello Kitty Wild graphic tee (look it up on delias.com if you want to see what it looks like) and a jeans jacket with the sleeves rolled. If you want to look simple, then wear a sweater, jeans, and the Uggs.

What colors do priests wear during Ordinary time?

.Catholic AnswerThe color for Ordinary Time is green. Priests will wear green vestments on all days except on Feasts and Memorials which call for a special color.

What color to wear for 2012?

Wear your favorite color!

What color are crips?

Crips wear the color blue and their rivals the Bloods wear the color red.

What color does the priest wear in October?

October is in Ordinary time and the color would be green unless there is a special Mass or funeral.

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