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Q: What color eyes did margot frank have?
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What color eyes did Edith Frank have?

Edith Frank had dark brown eyes like her daughter Margot

What color hair did margot frank have?

Dark black. She and Annelies both had dark hair. Margot is believed to have brown eyes while Annelies is thought to have had green eyes. Margot was certainly prettier and much sweeter too. Personally, she is my favorite Frank sister. Her diary would have been more famous. Otto Frank said himself that he had expected Annelies’s kind of writing to come from Margot, who could write better than Annelies. Annelies was very critical of her sister, which was wrong. She often complained of Margot eating nothing but healthy things. Well, good for her!

Who is is anne franks sister?

Margot Frank Margot Frank

What is the birth name of Margot Frank?

Margot Frank's birth name is Margot Betty Frank.

When was margot frank was born?

Margot Frank was born on February 16, 1926

When was Margot Frank born?

Margot Frank was born on February 16, 1926.

When is margot frank born?

Margot Frank was born on the 16th February 1926.

Where was Anne Frank and Margot Frank born?

Anne Frank and Margot Frank were born in Frankfurt in Germany. Anne was born in the 12 of June 1929. Margot was 3 years older.

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Was Margot Frank the sister of Anne Frank?

Yes, Margot was Anne's older sister.

Who lost there life first Anne Frank or margot Frank?

Margot Frank: she died 2 or 3 days before Anne Frank.

How did Anne Frank and Margot Frank die?

Anne Frank and her sister, Margot died in 1945 from Typhus in Bergen-Belsen.

How old would Margot Frank be now if she was alive?

If Margot Frank was alive she'd be 83

What color eyes does Frank Lampard have?

a green colour :)

What is margot franks middle name?

Margot Betti Frank

What pets did margot frank have?

Margot had a cat. they named it Moortje.

How were margot and Anne Frank killed?

Anne and Margot Frank were killed by a typhus disease in a concentration camp.

Who was the mum out of the frank family Edith or Margot?

Edith Frank was the mother of the Franks and Margot was Anne's sister

How old was Margot Frank at death?

Margot Frank died on March 9, 1945 at the age of 19.

What color are frank iero's eyes?

Hazel. it is a yellow,green,brownish color.

How old would Margot Frank be today?

As of June 2014, Margot Frank would be 88 years old. Margot was born in the year of 1926.

Did Margot Frank get married?

no read anne frank

What Anne Frank sisters name?

Margot Frank.

What school did margot Frank go to?

Margot Frank went to the Ludwig- Richter school in Frankfurt am Maine Germany.

What is Margot franks full name?

Her full name is Margot Betti Frank. She was the older sister of Anne Frank.