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vaginal discharge is supposed to be clear or a whiteish color.

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Q: What color is vaginal discharge supposed to be?
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What can cause brown vaginal discharge vaginal irritation soreness and redness?

that is a infection your vaginal discharge is supposed to be white,creamy, an clearish! i would get that checked out by a docter!

Do you suppose to have whitish vaginal discharge 5 days before your period?

You are supposed to have discharge every day.

What color is the discharge for teens when pregnant?

Vaginal discharge should also be white or clear in colour and have no smell.

Does endometriosis cause vaginal discharge?

Yes!!! Endometriosis does cause discharge. The color range from a light brownish color to a mucus-like consistency.

Is a vaginal dischage bad?

i think you mean discharge? no, its not bad, its part of your womenly cycle and every women or girl gets discharge. you would need to be worried if the color was green or yellow.. it is supposed to be white or clear. your welcome :)

What does clear vaginal liquid mean?

Having a clear vaginal liquid at certain times of the month is perfectly normal. Vaginal discharge changes in color and consistency throughout the month. Of the discharge changes in color drastically or if it smells strange, you should consult your doctor.

What color can your period be?

It is usually red, but vaginal discharge can be different colors depending on the cause. If you are unsure about the color of your discharge ask your parents or see a doctor.

Can birth control pills cause a change in the color and smell of vaginal discharge?


Is vaginal doscharge yellow and chalky?

Vaginal discharge is usually cloudy, or a white color to clear. After it has dried, it is normal to have a yellow tint to it.

What color is the discharge if you have chlamydia?

Typically, if a person has symptoms, the vaginal discharge with chlamydia is yellow, but some may have spotting or bleeding that can cause red or brown color. Penile discharge may be yellow, white, or clear. But most women and many men have no symptoms of chlamydia, so in women, most typically the discharge does not look any different from normal vaginal discharge.

Is having daily vaginal discharge normal?

Yes it is normal to have vaginal discharge daily. A milky colored discharge is normal discharge

Should you tell your mom when you start to have vaginal discharge?

You should tell your mother because sometimes a vaginal discharge can lead to some kind of infection if it was a different color than yellow or if it has odor. -BillionQuestions13-

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