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none some pregnant girls have infections during pregnancy. Usually if you have discharge while pregnant you just gets loads more of it that is all.

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Q: What color should your discharge be if you're pregnant and should you be discharging?
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What color is the discharge for teens when pregnant?

Vaginal discharge should also be white or clear in colour and have no smell.

What color is discharge when pregnant?


Why am i a discharging brownish pink color at 6 months pregnant?

Check in with your doctor.

What color is discharge if your pregnant?

Usually whitish or milky, off-white color.

What color should pregnancy discharge be?

a bright yellow.

What color should your discharge be?

White for both sexes.

What will your discharge look like during early pregnancy?

Discharge, whether ovulating or pregnant tends to be clear to white and have no odd smell. Many say they have an increase of discharge with pregnancy. If your discharge seems different by either color or smell you should make a phone call to your doctor's office and speak with a nurse.

What vaginal discharge comes out when youre pregnant?

Most discharge is normal when your pregnant. It can be clear or kinda thick and milky color. As long as you don't have any bloody show or foul oder with it, then your probably fine.

What color is discharge after having chlamydia?

Within two weeks after finishing chlamydia treatment, your discharge should return to its previous color, pattern, and consistency.

What color is your discharge after chlamydia treatment?

A couple of weeks after successful treatment for chlamydia, vaginal discharge should return to the woman's previous normal, and discharge from the penis should be gone.

My period was late i took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant i am having brown discharge and have for about a month what is going on?

the brown discharge may be your period in a different color

If you have lots of discharge all the time and you are not pregnant?

Well if this is new then you should get it checked out but if you have usually been getting alot of discharge and there is no sign of a yeast infection then it's normal for you. Every woman has atleast two teaspoons of discharge a day but it varies for different women just like the color varies. Sometimes it can be a milky color, chalky white, or even yellow.

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