What colors are in the north dokota flag?


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The North Dakota flag is pretty busy. It has solid blue background with a brown and white eagle on it. The eagle has a gold sun and stars above it's head and golden talons holding A bundle of arrows and an olive branch. On the eagles chest is a red white and blue stamp and underneath is a red and gold ribbon that says "north dakota''


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The flag of the US state of North Dakota is on a blue base. The North Dakota state flag conforms to the color, design, and size of the regimental flag that was carried by North Dakota Infantry in the Spanish-American War in 1898 and Philippine Island Insurrection in 1899 (the only difference are the words "North Dakota" on the scroll below the eagle).

The colors on a flag represent different things depending on what country the flag belongs too. Do you have a specific flag that you are asking about?

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