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There are three colors that make up the color hazel. The colors are blue, green, and brown. People with hazel eyes generally have all of these colors visible.

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What colors make hazel eyes?

Brown and green.

Hazel and green eyes make what colors?

Hazel is often a green eye with brown coloring in it. So potentially they would make green.

What colors mixed together make hazel?

green and brown hope you like this imformation

What colors are in hazel eyes?

Brown and green.

How many colors of eyes are there?

While there are four basic eye colors (Blue, Green, Brown, and Hazel), slight variations make it so that there are infinately many technically different colors.

Are hazel eyes ugly?

No, hazel eyes are pretty because sometimes they reflect different colors

What are the colors that the iris of your eye can be?

Well, the colors of an iris can be is blue, green, brown, and hazel.

Do girls like hazel eye colors?


What are the Colors of the eye?

Brown, Blue, Green, Hazel, And Grey.

What colors bring out hazel eyes?

Bright green and blue

What eye shadow colors make hazel eyes pop?

Gray, white or soft black eyeshadow with some black eyeliner and black mascara make hazel eyes pop like crazy! It makes them alot brighter and more noticable.

What clothing colors match best with brown hair and hazel eyes?

navy blue, and earthy colors.

Can brown eye and hazel eye make hazel baby?

Yes. The genetics of eye color are more complex than previously understood. Almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur.

What colors are the Jonas Brothers' eyes?

Kevin's eyes are hazel. Joe's eyes are also hazel. And Nick's eyes are brown.

What are the standard eye colors for a human?

brown, blue, hazel, green

What are colors beginning with h?

Harlequin, hazel, hunter green and hot pink are colors. They begin with the letter h.

Why do eye colors change?

hazel eyes can change color but unless you have a problem eye colors cant change

Can you use witch hazel to create grey wash tattoo ink?

Create new colors by mixing ready-made liquid inks. With a little practice, you can learn which colors to mix to make new colors or how to dilute colors to make them lighter. This will allow you more color choices without having to purchase etc.

Can a purebred LaPerm cat have hazel eyes?

Yes,a LaPerm cat can have hazel eyes. They are also known to have two different eye colors.

What eyeshadow suits hazel eyes and ginger hair?

Good eyeshadow colors for hazel eyes are definitely a lighter pink color or a brown color those colors match well with hazel eyes , I know that the makeup company named ELISE has eyeshadow made and it suites hazel eyes, here is a link to see the ELISE product, the colors you will see are good colors also if you want an idea of what color is good So here is the link :

What colors go best with hazel?

anything but orange try these colors :(black, purple teal, pink, blue green)

Can a brown eyed and hazel eye make a hazel eyed baby?

They can and do.

What are all the colors of the eyes?

Humans can have these colored eyes:brownbluehazel

How many people have hazel eyes?

Its incountable. Researchers cant tell. Hazel eyes change colors so much they get fooled. Hazel turns to blue green amber and brown. but i know someone with hazel eyes and he knows about five others with hazel so there may be over 100 out there.

If you and your sons father both have hazel eyes what color eyes will the baby have?

High chance of hazel. But could be other colors too. Depends on genes.