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The sea foam green color is a variation of the primary green color representing the lightly bright hue of aquamarine. Add a considerable amount of yellow to lighten shade.

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How do you make seafoam green paint into a bright green?

add yellow

What two colors make light green?

I think the two colors that make light green are white and green

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The colors that make yellow are red and green.

What primary colors make green?

Mix the primary colors Blue and Yellow to get Green.

What 2 colors to make green?

Blue and Yellow make green.

What colors make sage green?

green and gray

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Black and green

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Green and bue

What colors make aqua green?


How do you spell sea foam green?

The color is "seafoam" green.

What colors make turqouise?

The two colors are blue and green.

What colors do you use to make green?

Blue and yellow make the color green.

What to colors are mixed to make green?

Blue and yellow are mixed to make green.

How do you make green go blue?

You cannot turn green into blue, for both of the colors green and blue are primary colors.

What colors can you make from green?


What two marker colors make brown?

the colors that make brown are red and green

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Green and a pit of purple

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The Christmas trees are green.

What food colors can make icing sage green?


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blue,green,and purple

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white and green

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If you have several colors of paint but are lacking green, you can make it yourself if you have the right ones to mix together. To make green, you would mix yellow with blue.

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the colors that mix together to make all colors are: Green,Blue,Red

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the colors used to make light green are white and green. just mix them in and add to see what kind of shade of light green you want.

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