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It will make a deep color teal.

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Q: What colour does dark blue and green make?
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What colour green and blue do I use to make grey blue color?

To make blue grey do I use: dark green and a light blue or a light green with a dark blue

How much blue and yellow make green?

An even amount of each colour. But to get a dark green colour add more blue, and to get a lighter green add more yellow.

What does blue and orange make?

it makes a very dark shade of green because blue and yellow make green and yellow is like a lighter colour of orange!

How do you make dark green?

dark blue and green

What does the colour green and blue make?

Blue and green makes blue-green, obviously.

What colour does green and blue make?

When you mix green and blue together, it creates a turquoise colour.

How do you make a very dark turquoise?

With dark green, dark blue, and green

how do make the color blue?

Green and yellow make the colour blue.

What colour does red green and yellow make?

it makes a dark green bogey colour i think

What colour to add to green to make blue?

You cannot make blue from green. Blue is a primary color (along with red and yellow) and nothing can be added to any other color to form blue. Unless you have a dark blue and want to make a lighter blue, in this case you add white.

What colour dose green and blue make?

Sea green

What colour does blue and yellow make?


What colour does yellow and blue make?


What colour does green and yellow make?


What does the colour blue and yellow make?


How do you make green colour?

yellow and blue

What colour does blue an yellow make?


What combination of colour can be used to make dark blue without using black?

Try purple and red. Mix with yellow and green. The blue will have a slight purple tint but its a blue.

What colour does blue any green make?

turquoise! (a bluey-green)

What to colors make dark green?

blue,green,and purple

What colour does Blue and green light make?

You will get Cyan (light blue)

What colour should be added to grey to make a dark blue?

Light blue.

What does green and purple make?

Green and purple make a dark blue or maroon

What colour do you add to blue to make green?


What colour does red blue and yellow make?