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purple (in ancient art)

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Q: What colour in art is said to signify royalty?
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Which colour is linked with royal occasions?

The color associated with royalty is blue, it has been associated with royalty, business, art, military and nature, blue is a color associated with a lot of things.

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The Shutterstock website is a great website for all your royalty free clip-art needs. They have many items of amazing quality art for use on your website, blogs and printed material.

Walt Disney art movement?

disneys art movement is imagination creative royalty and animals, and theme parks

What does colour mean in art?

What does texture mean in art

Where can one find Royalty Free Vector Art?

One can find Royalty Free Vector Art by using the world wide web for example at "istockphotos", "shutterstock", depositphotos". "Vectorstock" offers a lot of free vectors.

What function did visual arts serve in west Africa?

Art could be used to honor spirit's, royalty, and ancestors

Can color blind individuals appreciate art and beauty?

yes, i reckon a colour-blind individual can appreciate art and beauty. you are thinking about colour here. Someone who is colourblind can still see and appreciate a work of art, nature or whatever theyre looking at without knowing what colour(s) are on it.

Who said 'love art in yourself and not yourself in art' and what does it mean?

Stanislavski Said it

What does the color blue symbolise in art?

the colour ble in art symbolise in is loyalt and wisdom

Why is it important is art?

who said art is important

How do you tell what class a bakugan is?

The colour but if it is see through then look at the art on it what ever colour it is then you can tell

Whose photography help establish photography as art form?

William Eglleston first Photographer to get colour photography into a major Art museum(MOM)and bring Photography particularly colour kicking and screaming into the Art world