What colours then mixed gives orange?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Red and yellow

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Q: What colours then mixed gives orange?
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What two colours mixed together get red?

Orange and Yellow

What is the color of a orange?

An orange is an orangy colour, consisting of the red and green colours of light mixed together.

What colors do you mix to get the color orange?

red and yellow colours are mixed together to obtain orange colour

What are the colour mixed to make orange?

Red and yellow gives us orange!

What can you mix with a orange paint to get brown?

Anything. All the colours mixed together equal brown.

What colours mixed together make white?

red, orange,yellow,green, blue,indigo, violet

What does secondary colours mean?

these are the colours that are made by mixing two primary colours together for example yellow and blue which are primary colours and when mixed together they make green a secondary colour.the secondary colours are orange,purple and green

What color will form when we combine blue and orange?

Because they are complimentary colours, meaning they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, blue and orange will make brown when mixed.

What do you call colors that are made using two of the primary colors?

Secondary colours, aka purple, green and orange.

What does primary colors mean?

It means colours that can't be made, the three Primary colours are Red, yellow and Blue as they can't be made, but mixed together they create secondary colours (Purple, green and orange.) Hope this helped.

What color does green and orange make when mixed?

Some shade of brown, the usual result of the mixture of all three primary colours.

What color do orange and green make?

If the overall primary colours are equal mixed, then mixing green and orange will create black. If they are unequal, they will create brown.