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Q: What comes after the fun day fairies in the rainbow magic series?
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What is the series after the Pet Fairies in the Rainbow Magic Series?

The Fun Day Fairies is the series after the Pet Fairies.

What are some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series?

Some titles in the Rainbow Magic books series are varied. Some titles are "The Rainbow Fairies", "The Green Fairies", "The Magical Animal Fairies", and "The Music Fairies".

What Rainbow Magic series come after the Weather Fairy series?

the party fairies

What are the names of the rainbow magic series?

Rainbow fairies Weather fairies Jewel fairies Pet fairies Fun Day fairies Petal fairies Dance Fairies Music Fairies Sports fairies

How do you draw the rainbow magic fairies?

The Rainbow Magic Fairies has many different characters in the series. Drawing one takes practice while looking at or even tracing their images.

What are the codes for rainbow magic fairies?


Are rainbow magic fairies real?


What is after the sports fairies in rainbow magic?

it was a the music fairy.

When will rainbow magic come out?

It already came out. Start with the Rainbow Fairies that started it all.

What are all of the rainbow magic fairies?

Some fairies are : Mia the bridesmaid fairy, Sky the blue fairy, Phoebe the Fashion fairy.. etc. You could find them online on the Rainbow Magic site I think. Just search Rainbow Magic and you should be able to get to the site. Good luck. PS: Im a Rainbow Magic fan.

Do Rainbow magic fairies exist?

Of course! Where do you think rainbows come from?

What is the next rainbow magic book name?

the next book will come this month:january or next month:february!