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Del is used to delete a file in command prompt.

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In Windows and DOS the command is "erase [filename]" and in Linux/UNIX it is "rm [filename]".

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Del is a command used to delete files from the computer.

Deletes one or more files.

DEL [drive:][path]filename [/P]

ERASE [drive:][path]filename [/P]

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Q: What command you use to delete a file?
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What is the unix command to delete a given file?

To delete a file, type: rm filename To delete a file, but prompt for confirmation first use: rm -i filename In both cases, replace filename with the name of the file you're wanting to remove.

What is the command to delete a file in windows 7?

Click the file>press the delete key (or del)>Press the enter key

How do you delete 0 byte files using DOS?

The command for deleting a file in DOS is DEL. If the file you are trying to delete is in the current directory, type DEL followed by the full filename. E.g. del file001.txt If there are multiple files, the wildcard * can be used. del file*.txt will delete all the text files that start with 'file' del file*.* will delete all the files that start with file. del *.txt will delete all the text files. del *.* will delete all the files in the current directory. It is possible to delete files in another directory by typing the full path and filename del c:\folder01\*.* will delete all the files in the directory c:\folder01\ DEL will not affect hidden files, but careless use of this command could damage your operating system so use with care.

Can not delete file access is denied the source file may be in use?

The quickest way to resolve an inability to delete a file from your hard drive, due to the "access denied, the source file may be in use" error is to first try restarting your computer and attempting to delete it a second time. If that doesn't help, pull up the command prompt by clicking Start, Run and typing cmd then clicking OK. For help using the command prompt, see reference link below.

What command would you use to make sure that you cannot easily delete a file called backup?

chmod u-w backup

How do you permanently delete every file from a mac?

I actually just submitted this question to answer it to help other people out. To delete all files from a mac you simply make sure you are running Finder, then you type in the following commands. Command N Command A Command Delete Command Shift Delete Enter Bang all gone

What is the rm command in Unix?

The rm command is used to delete a file or directory. Its syntax isrm file or rm -r directoryExample:rm myfilerm -r /home/user/mystuff

What is the command to delete?

Delete command is a DML. Syntax of delete command is delete from table_name where <>; It is to delete content of table.

What is the command that will delete all files with TXT extension in your current directory but will pause at each file and ask if you want to delete the file or leave it alone?

You can run this in a .bat file del "C:\Text Files\*.txt"

How do you delete a file that your computer says is in use by another person or program?

If the computer is saying that a file is in use, this usually means there is something running in the background that you may not be aware of. Logging into Windows in Safe Mode may allow you to delete the file. Make sure you have written down its complete path. If it is still running inside safe mode and still will not let you delete it, boot the computer into a command line prompt. Here you should be able to trash the file.

How delete commandcom from dos?

In DOS, you can delete files only by delete command. Use delete command as follows:C:\> delete For example: delete rajesh and then press enter..To remove a directory (Folder) use following command:C:\> RD For example: rd documents and then press enter..Note: Please make sure that directory is empty. You can only delete empty directory with rd command..

Which MS-DOS command is used to delete a directory and its sub directories in one pass?

To delete directory and sub directory in single command, use "deltree" command..