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Fluid accumulation in the lungs occurs due to two reasons:

  • Cardiogenic reasons where the heart fails to pump the blood to the systemic circulation, leading to build up of blood in the pulmonary circulation, which eventually leads to increased hydrostatic pressure and causes the fluids to leak from the capillaries into the lung itself.
  • Non-cardiogenic reasons where severe infections for example, leads to the release of a huge amount of inflammatory agents, leading to large amount of fluids to escape from the capillaries since they increase the capillary permeability causing fluid buildup in the lungs


Fluid on lungs, or "Pleural effusion" could have several causative factors.Chest X-ray, ultrasound, chest CT, are all useful for your doctor for determining the cause. Thoracentesis, removing/examining some of the fluid is also used.Among the many possible causes are- TB- infections of fungal or parasitic nature- Malignancy- Pulmonary embolism,- rheumatoid arthritis,- abdominal disease (like Pancreatis)- congestive heart failure- liver diseases (like cirrhosis, Nephrotic Syndrome, Hepatic Hydrothorax)- and many othersHepatic Hydrothorax is more common on the right side.More informations can be found on the related links.

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Q: What commonly causes fluid in the lungs?
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What causes fluid around the lungs?

pleural effusion, it is an overflow of liquid around the lungs

What is the medical term meaning fluid in the lungs?

pneumonia causes fluid in your lungsPulmonary edema

What commonly causes fluid to become acidic?


What the name of a respiratory disorder causes the lungs to fill with fluid?


How can the lungs be impacted by SLE?

Inflammation of the tissues that cover the lungs and line the chest cavity causes pleuritis, with fluid accumulating in the lungs.

What is a fluid blood clot?

A fluid blood clot is also referred to as a pulmonary embolism. It causes fluid to build in the lungs.

What is wrong with fluid in the lungs?

Abnormal fluid collection in the lungs can be caused by lung infections or heart problems. The biggest problem with it is that it causes shortness of breath that can lead to respiratory arrest.

How do you tell if you have fluid in your lungs?

how can you tell if you have fluid on your lungs

What causes fluid in a dog's lungs?

There are a variety of causes but here is a site that covers the most common:

What happens to the thoracic cavity if punctured?

it causes heart and lungs more prone to infection..and fluid may accumulate in thoracic cavity damaging heart and lungs.

Fluid in lungs?

Fluid in the lungs may cause a bubbling sound in the lungs. If the fluid is inside the lung it is pulmonary edema, if the fluid accumulates on the outside of the lung it is pleural effusion.

When should you go to the doctor with fluid in your lungs?

Fluid in your lungs can lead to pneumonia, therefore, I would say that it should be looked into immediately.

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