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The Hanover Insurance Group

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Q: What company bought out state mutual life assurance company of America?
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was the mutual life assurance company of canada bought out by another company If so, what is the name of the company?

Yes, Mutual Life Assurance was bought in 2002 by Sun Life Financial. The company is now known as Clarica Life Assurance. Here is a link to their website.

Where is Chicago Metropolitan Mutual Assurance company?

Started in 1925 as Metropolital Funeral System Assn, name changed to Metropolitan Mutual Assurance Company of Chicago in 1946. Renamed Chicago Metropolitan Mutual after 1952. It was acquired by Atlanta Life in the early 1990s.

What type of company is Mutual of America?

Mutual of America is a Fortune 1000 Mutual Company that was founded in 1945. This company handles pension funds along with other retirement based products. Mutual of America also offers life and disability insurance.

What life insurance company bought Midland Mutual Life Columbus Ohio?

Mutual of Omaha

Who bought heartstone insurance Company of Massachusetts?

Liberty Mutual

What company bought keystone provident life?

Liberty Mutual.

Who bought keystone provident life insurance company?

liberty mutual

What company bought New England Mutual Life Insurance?

Met Life

What company bought out Lutheran Mutual of Waverly Iowa?


Who owns Nation life and general assurance company?

Nation Life and General Assurance Company was liquidated in the 1970's. However, Industrial Branch policies were taken on by Reliance Mutual in Tunbridge Wells telephone 01892 773396 (2010)

What company took over payments for Chicago metropolitan mutual assurance company policy?

Atliantic Life Insurance i think this is a typo ..Atlantic Life Insurance seems to be the right answer..

Where is it possible to get mutual life insurance?

Mutual Life Insurance can be bought at many insurance places. Mutual insurance can be purchased with Mutual of Omaha, Liberty Insurance, Navy Mutual and Northwestern Mutual. Mutual insurance means that the insurance company is owned sole by policyholders.

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