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What company made the first desktop computer?


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The PDP-8 in 1965.


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The first computer specifically designed for home users was a kit for a computer called Altair which was made by the MITS company. The Tandy by Radio Shack was the first fully assembled home computer.

The Apple Computer 1 (AKA Apple I, or Apple-1) was a desktop computer first released by the Apple Computer Company in 1976. Since that time the Company has had a series of laptops and desktops in continuous production.

The first commercial desktop PC was called the Programma 101. It was made by a company called Olivetti, and was first shown at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.

The first desktop computer was probably the DEC PDP-8 minicomputer in 1965. It came in both desktop & rackmount versions. DEC was in Maynard, Massachusetts.

The first computer close to as we know them today was made by IBM

The first such desktop-size system specifically designed for personal use appeared in 1974;The first desktop was the MITS ALTAIR 8800, I believe made in 1974 and shown on the cover of Popular Electronics in January 1975, which became the inspiration for another company called Microsoft.

The Altair 8800, from Micro Instrumentation Telemetry Systems (MITS) of Albuquerque, NM, was first featured in the January 1975 edition of Popular Electronics. It is considered by many to be the first mass produced personal computer.

The first commercial VOIP (internet telephony) software was released in 1995 by a small company called VocalTec. This software ran on the user's desktop using the user's speakers and microphone.

The Intel 4004 was invented to run a desktop calculator made by the Japanese company Busicom.

The Apple computer company made the Macintosh.

Windows is an operating system produced by the Microsoft company. Windows is not a computer or a company. The first Apple computer was sold in July 1976. The first version of Microsoft's Windows operating system was sold in 1985.

It is a laptop portable computer made by the company Lenovo, who also produces and distributes desktop computers, workstations, servers and accessories.

The Precision T7600 computer is a desktop computer made by the Dell company. The computer itself runs Windows 7 and has a Intel Xeon processor. It also has the ability to hold up to eight hard drives.

Quite simply, the company 'Apple' made computers, thus... Apple Computer.

This is really an opinion question, and it really depends on your perspective. HP desktop computers have warranties that insure that computer problems can be prevented in the first place. However Dell tends to have fewer problems in general but no insurance that computer problems can be solved before they happen.

They were the United States themselves. (They build ENIAC during WWII.)

One can probably consider the DEC PDP-8 transistorized minicomputer introduced in 1965 to be a desktop computer. The first PDP-8 model was about the size of a modern compact refrigerator, but later models were significantly smaller (especially when simple monolithic integrated circuits were used instead of discrete transistors).

Macintosh made the first best selling and affordable notebook in 1989.

The first anti-virus software (what is thought of as security software) was developed in 1987. It was made by the European company Bernt Fix. It was not given to everyone.

The first computer mouse was hand carved from wood by Doug Engelbart. No company at the time saw any use for it. Above is correct and that first mouse is on display in a glass case at SRI in Menlo Park CA.

Some of the best desktop computers are made by Dell, HP, Apple, and IBM. In my experience, if you are looking for a reliable desktop computer, go with Dell or HP.

The Manchester Mark 1 was the first computer that was made and worked.I do not know EXACTLY when the very first computer was made, but the first fully electronic computer was made in 1942 Iowa State College.

If you are referring to using the desktop interface it was the very first mac OS that offered the GUI interface.

Charles Babbage made the first ever computer

The first computer was made in England in the year 1837.

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