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What company makes the Wii and DS?


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Nintendo makes the Wii and DS. No offence, but it does say on the product and packaging box Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.


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The Wii is made by the Japanese company Nintendo. Their most recent gaming platform is the Wii U, which can be used in cooperation with the Wii. They also made the DS and 3DS.

Nintendo the ones who made the wii and the ds,ds lite,dsi,dsi XL and 3ds.

Nintendo is the company that makes wii

this is too easy!the answer is .....NINTENDO! THEY MAKE THE DS, WII, AND X BOX!Microsoft makes the x-box, not nintendo. Nintendo FTW!

The company that makes the Gameshark has one that can be used for the Nintendo DS.

You can't play a Ds game on a Wii, But on a Wii U you can Buy some Ds games in the shop

you can't play ds games on your wii

no...but you can send demos from your wii to your ds

no you can only play games for the ds and gamy boy advance on the ds and only wii games on the wii.

Oh Sorry, Honey, You can't actually do that. Its only DS to DS or WII to WII nothing in between. :)

no a ds game cannot be played on the wii only if there is a game out for ds that is also out for wii no a ds game is a micro chip and a wii game is a disc so on the wii console there would be know place to put the ds game that slot in the combartment on the wii is for a sd card for use in the photo channel

Hook your DS and your Wii up to Nintendo Wi-Fi.

the one for the wii then the computer then of course the ds

No. Harvest Moon DS is for the DS only. There are other Harvest Moon games for the Wii.

No you can't play DS games on a Wii but you can connect a DS to a Wii. For example, Animal Crossing Wild World (DS) can connect to Animal Crossing City Folks (Wii) transferring characters.

The NDS can link with the Wii but it is very limited. There are extremely few games that allow the DS to play with the Nintendo Wii. The NDS can also link to the Wii to download DS play games but that is about it. Basically, when the Wii sends out the DS demo, turn on the DS and go to DS Download Play in order to connect and to download the demo.

I would choose the wii version. In my opinion, the wii versions for MySims games are a lot better than DS versions. I have MySims Agents Wii and it is awesome! I don't have MySims Agents for DS, but I do have other MySims games for my DS. I have MySims Kingdom for Wii and DS and the wii version was SO much funner than the DS game! For some reason, (in my opinion) the DS MySims games aren't very fun to play. The Wii versions are very fun to play and do get addicting! :)

You can't play DS games on a Wii U.

The Wii has better graphics than the DS so I suppose the Wii is better. BUT the Wii is a safety hazard to others and objects around you.

No, you cannot play DS games on the Wii U. The Wii U is backwards compatible only with Wii games

How many times do I have to tell everybody that Wii does not play DS games! There is no slot! Wii uses discs and DS uses cards!

No you can't play DS games on a Wii. Though some DS such as Animal Crossing have additional benefits if you have both a DS and Wii. I agree. And also the fact that a DS has two screens, and the TV hooked up to the Wii has one; so that would be another issue.

maybe wii A Wii is defiantly if you like to get up and not be a couch potato. If you are a couch potato then a DS or a DSi is for you.

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