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Windows is a microsoft product !

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Q: What company makes the Windows operating system?
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What company makes windows operating system?


Is Microsoft an Operating System?

No. Microsoft is a company (an organization). Mocrosoft MAKES an operating sysyem called "Microsoft Windows".

Windows and Macintosh computers use the same operating system?

Windows is an operating system developed by Microsoft. Apple makes Macintosh computers that run Apple's own Mac OS X operating system but can also run the Windows operating system.

What makes the computer run?

The Operating System (OS), for example Microsoft Windows.

What is a Windows XP used for?

Its an Operating system which makes the computer do the commands you need it to do.

Why window 3.1 is not regarded as an operating system?

What makes you think Windows 3.i is not an operating system? Actually Windows 3.1 came as two parts, Windows 3.1 and MS DOS. Windows still comes that way! MS DOS is the operating system that runs the computer. Windows 3.1 contains the programs that you used. The operating system and the programs in Windows 7 are made separately, you simply do not realize that when you use the program.

Which company makes the operating system of most computers today?


How do you download Microsoft Apple onto your computer?

There is no Microsoft Apple. Microsoft is a company that produces software such as the operating system called Windows or the word processor Word. Apple is another company that makes the Macintosh range of computers which use Apple's own Mac OS X operating system. Both companies produce software that works on the other companies operating system. For example Microsoft produces a version of Word for the Macintosh and Apple has a version of iTunes that works on the Windows operating system.

What makes windows a proprietary operating system?

It's source code is not publicly distributed or documented.

Which company makes Linux operating system?

many companies ! Mint, ubuntu, Redhat ,....

Who is developing the operating system?

Operating systems are developed by 3 major companies. Microsoft makes Windows, Macintosh makes macs, and Linux makes Linux operatin systems. There are a variety of versions of each OS.

Windows is made by Microsoft who makes UNIX?

Unix is no longer a single operating system, and as such no single company makes it. Historically, Unix was created by AT&T. Nowadays, operating system collectively referred to as "Unix" are created by companies such as Sun (Solaris), Hewlett-Packard (HP-UX), IBM (AIX), and Apple (Mac OS X).

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