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Q: What compartment of the ruminant stomach is functionally most similar to the simple stomach of carnivores?
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IS a chicken a ruminant?

No. A chicken is a non ruminant because it does not have four chambers in its digestive system.

Schwann cells are functionally similar to what?


Schwann cells are functionally similar to?


What is the name of a cud-chewing even-toed ungulate similar to a giraffe?


What eukaryotic organelle is functionally similar to the prokaryotic cell membrane and its infoldings?

Hup li

What are the differences between the stomach of a ruminant and the stomach of a non ruminant?

Ruminants have a compartmentalised stomach. There are 4 compartments, the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum. A non ruminant does not have a compartmentalised stomach, the non ruminants stomach has similar fucntions to that of the abomasum in the ruminants

How do omnivores similar to carnivores?

Both omnivores and carnivores eat other consumers. However, omnivores eat producers as well. Carnivores do not.

How are ormnivores similar to carnivores?

because they eat meat

How are carnivores and omnivores similar?

They both eat meat.

Is an elephant a ruminant animal?

No they are not ruminants. They actually have a digestive system similar to horses, and it is not very optimal, they have a rather great loss of nutrition's, which of course, is a benefit to other feces-eating species in the ecosystem.

What female reproductive structure is functionally homologous to the testes?

The female reproductive organ that is functionally similar to the male testes is the ovaries. They store the female reproductive cells, the eggs. However, unlike the testes, they do not make the reproductive cells.

Are carnivores mammals?

Mammals are a class of animals with similar attributes, including vertebrates, air breathing, possession of hair, and many more. There are many sub-categories, but whether they are carnivores herbivores or omnivores are based on how they adapted to their environment. We are omnivores, and lions are carnivores. Yet, we are both mammals.