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The USB plug that came with the printer


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A cable or wifi. If a cable is used, it may be classed as a serial, parallel, or USB connecting cable - depending on the type of printer.

It is the type of plug or socket used to connect a printer to the computer. Two examples are Serial and parallel, etc.

all of the cables used to connect the computer to things like the monitor and printer

Buses are used to connect the board components and peripherals.

#Use a separate print server. #Connect to a networked computer and share the printer

Use a sperte print server Connect to a networked computer and share the printer

Hardware - refers to any of the main components of a computer... Typically the CPU, screen, keyboard, mouse, printer & scanner.

You connect the printer and the other computers in a network - either by USB or Ethernet.

ethernet cables are used to connect many items. Such as:Printer to computer,Ps3 to laptop,ps3 to router

To interface a parallel printer to a USB port, you need a USB Parallel Printer Adapter, Belkin makes a reliable one that I have used for years.

If you're sharing the printer with other computers, it can be networked either by wire or wireless. If your use is for one computer, parallel, usb, firewire, and 802.11 are common options.

The difference between a desktop computer and a is in the components. A desktop is just a computer while a workstation will contain all the basic components used in an office like a computer, telephone, printer and so much more.

What you can do is that you can just type whatever you want to type in then you can connect your desktop's printer wire into your laptop (if you have one!)

A printer may be used by anyone. A personal computer is typically connected to the printer. The drivers for the printer must be installed on the computer. The user must give a print command.

A device used to connect a computer to the internet is a modem.

A computer circuit board is used to connect the electronic components and circuits inside of a computer. Computer circuit boards are composed of laminates, copper clad laminates, and copper foil.

A printer is a machine that is used for purposes of printing. This is commonly connected to a computer and will print any data on the computer.

The DB25 connector on the rear of a PC is used (if it has pins) to connect a printer or (if it has sockets) to connect a modem.

Computer cables are used to connect the computer components. The exact uses depend on the exact cables. There are hard drive data cables, USB cables, monitor signal cables, and so on. Inside the computer there are power cables to send power to the different components.

The first computer printer was created by Remington Rand in 1953 that was to be used with the Univac computer.

A device driver is a piece of code which is used to make a specific piece of hardware function as a part of a computer system. For instance to make a specific model of printer connect to and print from a computer you will need a print driver compatible with that model/make of printer installed on the computer.

This is a 25 pin cable, usually used to connect a printer to your computer (parallel port). Most printers connect using the USB cable anymore, as other external devices.

It all depends on how big the printer is and what components are in the printer, as well as what kind of ink or toner is used for it.

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